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George W. Bush Is The Worst President In Modern U.S. History

Yes, he was way worse than Donald Trump.

George W. Bush was an utter disaster, and his approval ratings prove it. Bush got a mere 22% job approval rating at the end of his presidency not among Democrats, but among all Americans. That was probably unheard among every single U.S. President. His father had gotten a 54% approval at the end of his term, while Jimmy Carter (who was really scrutinized by Republicans because of his “bad job” of handling the economy, or at least according to them) ended his presidency with a 44% approval rating.

Harry Truman, who had the record of having the most unpopular presidency ever had ended his term with a low 32% job approval.

So as you can see, yes, Bush was very hated among most Americans, especially among Democrats since an ultra-minority of them, 6 out of 100, approved of him.

Now, that number has shifted. 51% of Dems, a slight majority, view favorably or very favorably former President Bush.

This reassures me three things: the American education system sucks, Mainstream Media doesn’t know how to do its job, and Democrats have been normalizing war criminals instead of distancing themselves from them.

Democratic leaders like Rep. Nancy Pelosi have been constantly pushing for the normalization of Neo-conservatives like George Bush. “I never thought I’d pray for the day when George W. Bush was president again.” House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said in an interview.

The Media has also been complicit on the normalization of hawkish Bush:

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And even many Neoliberal Twitter users have shown their favorable view of Bush:

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All of this is dangerous. Why? George Bush’s administration was a failure and, in my opinion, he was the worst President in the Modern History of the United States. The normalization of characters like him will doom the United States’ political system, especially since this will push the political spectrum farther to the right (if that’s possible considering the U.S. is already very far-right compared to other western countries).

The main reason why Neoliberals are saying they’d rather Republicans like George W. Bush over Donald Trump its because Trump is “insane” while Bush was “reasonable”.

Really? Are you fucking kidding me?

Have this people forgotten that Bush started an offensive war against Iraq, a country that didn’t attack the U.S., just because he claimed that the majority of the terrorists who were involved in the September 11 attacks were from that country and that they worked for Saddam Hussein, and he knew that the information was factually incorrect since he later on admitted that the vast majority of the 9/11 terrorists were from Saudi Arabia (a top U.S. ally).


After it was discovered that Saddam Hussein and his government had no links to the 9/11 terrorist attacks, George W. Bush decided to simply say that the reason the United States should continue the war in Iraq was because Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, which yet again was a lie done by the U.S government and its intelligence agencies since later they would confess that Iraq didn’t have any sort of nuclear weapons.

Bush’s war on terror, exemplified best with the war in Iraq, resulted in war crimes and the breaking of international law.

Bush violated Article 2(4) of the Charter done by the U.N.’s Security Council, which basically states that no State should invade another sovereign State. Even the Charter prohibits preemptive strikes against countries that could be a possible threat to “x” country. Of course Bush knew he couldn’t get into Iraq with no reason, so he basically used the September 11 terrorist attacks to push his own political agenda.

Former President Bush also broke the International Criminal Court statutes, since he infringed Article 8, which specifically talks about war crimes, and he mainly violated section “A” of Article 8, which is based upon the Geneva Conventions. Even General David Petraeus admitted that the U.S. did war crimes and violated international law when they got involved in Iraq.

Article 8 of the International Criminal Court.

Let’s also remember that during the Iraq War, the United States used cruel methods like torture which are illegal under international law. Bush denied the fact that the U.S. used torture, but it was later revealed that he lied.

The U.S. even opened a torture facility at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba, which is, in fact, illegal considering its territory of a sovereign country. The United States claimed that the prisoners were kept in humane conditions, which wasn’t the case considering that they would receive sexual humiliation by being stripped naked and then they would be forced to sodomise one another. The mental health of the men was found to be deteriorated thanks to the various torture techniques (like waterboarding) which were done by U.S. officials. Years later, Lawrence B. Wilkerson, former Chief of Staff of then-Secretary of State Colin Powell, revealed that most of the detainees at Guantanamo Bay were innocent.

It was also reveiled by Chelsea Manning (a true American hero who was later encarcerated for leaking to the public all the atrocities committed by the U.S. Government) that U.S. soldiers killed and tortured civilians, including children, and that they would even laugh when they engaged in torture. They also killed Iraqi soldiers who would surrender. All of this are not only violations of the Geneva Conventions, but also horrid actions and gravely immoral to say the least. My words can’t even explain my feelings towards this fucking piece of shit (yes, I’m talking about George W. Bush).

The war in Iraq left a death toll of at least 500,000 casualties according to some studies.

George W. Bush’s War in Iraq is the prime example of why the U.S. is a terror State and not the so-called “country chosen by God to expand democracy and liberty”. If “god” is really using the United States to spread “good” values around the world, then god must be a fucking asshole.

And just to finish the topic of the War in Iraq and the torture regime lead by George Bush, I want you all to remember this: the Bush family profits from war.


Now that I mentioned the catastrophic foreign policy of George Bush, I’m going to note his failure regarding economics.

Well, let’s just remember he was responsible for all the deregulations to the financial market which resulted in the Subprime Mortgage Crisis, which lead to the Wall Street collapse which basically ended up causing the 2008 Recession.

Here’s a video which can explain you all the 2008 Financial Crisis:


Bush wasn’t only a failure on economics and foreign policy, but also on domestic policy.

Bush was a born-again Christian and the “bae” of the Christian far-right. He claimed that “God told him to end the tyranny in Iraq.” as if he were some sort of prophet or something. He also said that he would give faith-based social services. He did faith-based wars, faith-based laws, faith-based education, etc.

Bush was against same-sex marriage, he even called for a constitutional ban onthem. He was also very pro-life, and it was widely considered by many pro-life groups that he had “the best pro-life record of any President”.

George Bush was staunchly against drugs, and he even increased the budget by 1.2 billion dollars for the War on Drugs. He also supported faith-based programs which sought to combat drug abuse in the United States. When Bush was Governor of Texas he was pretty well known as being for “law and order” and as being someone who was very tough when it came to drug policy. He also thought that “gun control has nothing to do with crime control”.

I know this doesn’t nearly cover all the attrocities done by the illegitimate Bush administration (yes, illegitimate considering the scandals and irregularities going on in battle ground States like Ohio and Florida) but I hope I could give you all a picture of how horribly repugnant was the George W. Bush presidency, and why no modern U.S. President, including Trump, are nearly as bad as he was. Surpassing George Bush’s horrid policies will be very difficult to achieve for any future U.S. President, and I’m almost sure Donald Trump won’t be nearly as bad as George W. Bush was at his time in office.

Fuck you George W. Bush!

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