What do Scums have under their kilts?

As soon as a manlike carline Nicola Sturgeon held the post of the First minister of Scotland and became the chieftain of their scummy party, our tongue-tied losers from Edinburgh obtained an idée fixe to carry out an additional plebiscite on the independence of Scotland. Of course, not all the Uncles Scrooges were wankers except those who were following aunt Nicola. That became clear as far back as the indyref’s results were shown when the Scottish Nazis were blackballed although the antiquated “double-oh-seven” Sean Connery had mumbled something. It was pretty hard to hear his voice going from the Bahamas where the smart-arse old man was showing to the public the tattoo “Scotland forever”. By the way, he hadn’t been a fool and hadn’t rejected to be knighted by the Queen in 2000 and even had forgotten about his arthritis and had kneeled at the feet of Queen Elizabeth, had got up as a Sir and had claimed that day to be one “of the proudest days in his life”.

Another clever dick (who’s also a sir or a peer) Alistair Darling didn’t give us an opportunity to bathe the butt-naked scum into the cesspit, they had dug for themselves. I mean their idiot plans to luxuriate using the shelf oil money. Unfortunately, Darling (although it was pretty hard) succeeded to find the way into the solid highlanders’ brainpans through the ears, steeled by the heroic bagpipe playing, and could put into the substance they considered to be “the brain” some common sense. After all, the Scums are used to get everything for free and to expend on the welfare more money than they pay to the government’s coffers. The free pills are needed to avoid an epidemic of cirrhosis among the proud nation of highland abstainers. So, the scums could have received a pudding filled with shit instead of a haggis repleted with the oil money. For another thing, it’s necessary to invest constantly into the extraction infrastructure and the oil prices have gone down…

By the way, what money would bathe our butt-naked golf-dressed nawabs in? The decision to declare independence would signify that Scumland goes out of all the British institutions including the monetary one. It means the respectful pound is told good-bye. Additionally, their naked asses are instantly kicked by Brussels (so, they have to pass through all the procedures to re-enter the EU). It means the euro is told good-bye too. Is it about the pound Scots? Namely, it is about a currency which is traded at the exchange rate of the Mongolian tugrik. The fresh wind of the financial reality will lift up the Scumland’s kilt and all the world will see the true face of their independence.

That’s why I’m convinced we mustn’t prevent Sturgeon of organizing a new referendum. What’s more, every kind of the unionist agitation must be banned. The Scrooges are to obtain independence (from a normal life), to eat as much shit as the next three generations can, to come back crawling and to kneel at the Monarchy of the United Kingdom. Only then we and our grandchildren will break free from these sponger’s blackmail.

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