Nail This Year’s Christmas Party With These Gorgeous Hairdos!

Winters are approaching and so is Christmas!

It’s time to prepare for the parties and celebrations. Each one of you would have probably started getting into the party spirit and digging deeper into all of the red carpet looks for that perfect party hairstyle! Let’s make it easier for you. Here are some coolest hairstyles that you can try this Christmas party.

Under braid ponytail:

This is the perfect Christmas party hairdo if you plan to wear a backless or a low back dress. Startup by spraying a texturizing spray all over your locks. Thereafter comb your hair and start braiding your hair downside up. Try to place your ponytail as high as possible so the braided section will be visible.

Half tied bun hairdo:

If you are too lazy to try more complex hairdos, you can go for this quick and easy hairstyle. All you have to do to get this look is secure the top center section of your crown into a miniature bun. You can then curl the rest of your hair into soft curls using a curling rod.

Dutch crown braid:

If you wish to look nothing but elegant this Christmas party, this is the hairdo you should go for. Pick up a long section of your hair from the front side and start braiding it. Once you are done braiding, secure your braid in place with a clip so as to form a crown-like structure. You can either straighten out the rest of your hair or curl them up.

Textured middle bun:

You can try this hairstyle for a festive and romantic feel. This is a quick two minutes hairstyle where the hair is tousled and shaped into an airy bun at the back. You can let out some of your hair at the front and accentuate your hairdo with cute, glittery hair accessories.

Messy faux bob:

Who says long hair is limited to a few hairstyles? Here’s a chic hairstyle that can make your long locks appear short, hot and stylish. Create a faux Bob by pinning textured locks under and leaving a few wisps of hair out for an undone look. Use a hairspray to keep everything in place.

Though it’s hard to decide which hairstyle to pick from all of these amazing ones still it’s time for our favorite question- Which one would you choose for this Christmas party?

Source : Party Vapours

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