5 Logical Reasons Why Katori Wax is Effective Instead of Threading

As girls can better understand the pain of hair removal procedure that all girls get while having wax. The best way of facial hair removal is threading. Threads use is a tiresome and painful way for epilation at parlors. If you don’t want to go through the painful method of facial removal, then Katori wax is the best option. Katori wax as the term defines; it is a metal bowl with cold wax that can be directly heated. It is a perfect kind of hair removal procedures.

Facial hair removal is quite painful, here we have describes top 5 reasons why you should go with Katori wax

Check here how to do Katori wax at home in few simple steps-

Home Feasibility

You can simply heat Katori wax at home and go it by yourself. First of all just let it cool for few minutes and apply on the area you need to remove hair at the tolerable heat. Tap it calmly, after applying wax and allow it cool. Check if the wax is tight now once it turned cool. Now in the reverse direction just pull off it to detach the hair.

Evacuates the hair

With the Katori wax, hair can be removed from roots in an easy way. Apart from other procedures, this wax removes hair under the roots. It is the best way of upper lips which can be done by yourself in simple ways.

No Pain

Women can have painful experience while having to thread. If you have much growth on upper lips, you must be scared to visit the parlor. Unlike the threading hair removes in one shot with Katori wax.

Extensive long-term

Katori wax is a long-lasting procedure of facial hair removal than other methods. Additionally, wax can destroy your hair follicles after a time of period, which decreases the growth of hair. You can consider it best upper lips tool than threading.

Remove Tanning and Blackheads

We all know that wax is better to vanish tanning from the skin. Here Katori wax will work as same to remove tanning. The great news is that it will also help you to remove obstinate blackheads.


If you are going first time with it, then just make a patch test. The sensitivity and skin can differ from person to person. It can also hurt your skin; hence escape huge patches to wax.

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