TANA GOERTZ had her first glimpse into the world of Trump when she appeared on NBC’s ‘The Apprentice’. Now, after getting him elected into power, Tana hopes to continue her role as Campaign Senior Advisor in President Trump’s 2020 Bid.

Interview by Adam Crookes

Looking her photo with President Trump in the Oval Office, Goertz describes it as her “favorite photo” of the two of them. “I was so proud and happy to be there.” I asked her if their was a sense of euphoria in the office — “I worked my ass off to get him to the White House, risked a lot, sacrificed a lot, lost a lot and it was all worth it to see my hard work pay off. He is the toughest guy I know and we did it!”

Having worked with Donald Trump closely throughout the election campaign, I was intrigued to know if the President had offered Tana a role in the Administration. “Yes, I was offered a job working in the Dept of Commerce, but graciously declined and told President Trump why and he gave me his blessing to decline the job.”

Tana is an Entrepeneur at heart and after a lenghy campaign, she was keen to return home. “I wanted to get back to my businesses. I love Iowa and have a husband who has a great job — he’s the chief meteorologist at our local TV station – as well as a son who recently graduated from the University of Iowa whose now an entrepreneur. I have a daughter whose still attending the University of Iowa.”

Trump’s election campaign didn’t come without its challenges. “My day started early into the office, I would meet with our team to go over the day’s agenda or details of Trump’s upcoming visits. I would really get the volunteers FIRED UP and motivated to go out door knocking. I did a lot of training on the Trump app to get volunteers comfortable working the phones ensuring the voters would turn out on election day. Being a Trump surrogate, it was my responsibility to do local and network TV when called upon, at the peak of the campaign I was doing 3 hits a day. I also was the warm-up speaker prior to every one of Trump’s rallies.”

Tana described their being “many sleepless nights” on the trail. “The most challenging day for me was the night of the Iowa caucus, when Ted Cruz cheated by pulling his shenanigans saying that Ben Carson had quit the campaign and stole Ben’s votes, making Ted the winner. Losing the Iowa caucus killed me because — like Trump – I don’t like to lose and we were played by Ted and his team.”

Trump is a money maker for TV and if they played their cards right they could have made a lot of money off of him.”

The media and so-called ‘fake news’ was something that I was very keen to hear Tana’s thoughts on. I asked her if she feels that there is anything the media could learn from the election. Trump is a money maker for TV and if they played their cards right they could have made a lot of money off of him.” Tana also said that the regular negative coverage of Trump is “insulting to half of America.”

Goertz also claimed to me that she has “personally witnessed TV Stations editing Trump badly and making Hillary Clinton look better.”

“I believe that we are all different, but not all equal”

A range of slang terms and phrases have arisen from the 2016 election, one of which was ‘snowflake’. “When I hear the term snowflake I feel it is a derogatory term to highlight the misguided principles of our youth. I’ve never used the word because I don’t label people or name call, but I believe we are all different, but not all equal. I live my life with the discipline to get up every morning and work my butt off understanding that there is always someone who’s above me. Even if I achieve all of lifes goals I still must answer to God’s judgment. As a nation we must act as one to achieve greatness. As individual snowflakes, we melt away, but as a group, we become snowballs, much bigger and better.”

Tana said to me that one of the reasons women support Trump is because of his “strong message for family, faith and nation.” “Mothers run the family, push everyone to church, and give the greatest sacrifice of all, their children to our great nation’s cause. These women believe that their families are being attacked by mainstream media portrayals of individualism, faith was being degraded, and that their children were dying without cause.”

It is no lie that Alex Jones — the popular host and owner of InfoWars had influence in shaping up President Trump’s base, with his controversial conspiracy theories that on occassion matched up with Donald Trump’s own supersitions. “I’ve met Alex Jones a few times and he was cordial with me, but both times it resulted in a fight and craziness in public with liberals and the media. No one on the campaign ever mentioned his name to me, but I’d say he had some influence because he used his airtime to trash the left and promote the right, but he was only as influential as his air time. Losing Bill O’Reilly, on the other hand, was unfortunate for us as he was a conservative voice with a great platform who knew Trump’s heart and love for this country.”

Looking to the future, Tana Goertz says that President Trump told her that he will be “hiring [her] again for his re-election campaign”. To which she told him that she would be “happy to work for him again”. “He told me I’m the best working closely with the people and he wants me back out with the voters making sure they vote for him again.”

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