Lead practice 2.2

BOE Meeting: The Hattiesburg Board of Education met Saturday morning, where the assistant superintendent reported a 16 percent drop in enrollment at the school, the third year the school has lost enrollment.

The board then passed a new group of rules dealing with the dress code, prohibiting all students from wearing blue jeans, and putting certain restrictions on girls’ skirt lengths.

Faculty in plane crash: Two professors from Backwater State University were returning from New York City when their plane crashed on takeoff at Kennedy International Airport, but both escaped injury.

Associate professor of rural sociology John Dumont and associate professor of English George Johnson were returning Thursday night from two separate conferences held in New York City.

Meeman Speaks: A Pulitzer Prize winning author spoke Sunday night at the library, speaking to English students and criticizing the curriculum used in English classes today, calling it “hogwash.”

Norman Meeman spoke to 67 students and gave them advice on being a good writer, saying “…get out and sample life, learn how other people live, and let your inner feelings pour out.”

Professor Wins Award: At a ceremony in Pennsylvania last Thursday, a professor of horticulture was one of 32 winners of the George Washington Honor Medal, awarded by the Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge.

Clement Crabtree is a professor of horticulture, and was cited for his essay “Plan for Peace,” where he urged distribution of free packets of red, white and blue flower seeds in foreign nations.

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