Understanding our #TOGIKWATAKO Cause

Hon Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu AKA Bobi Wine Situka song artwork

About the #TOGIKWATAKO. The word is a Luganda phrase which literally means don’t touch it. People started using as a phrase preventing the lifting the cap on age limit in the constitution of Uganda which would allow a person to stand for the office of the president at any age while at the moment it only allows a person in between the age of 35 and 75.

This comes at a time when the current president who is President Museveni who has ruled the nation for 31 years now is 73 years of age and by the next general election which will be held in 2021 he would have passed the 75 years to stand for office again so is the move to change the constitution to favor the man who has ruled the nation for 31 and will be 35 by 2021 to extend his rule to maybe a life presidency.

The age limit debate became heated up when the opposing member of parliament where joined by a famous Ugandan musician named Kyagulanyi Sentamu also known as Bobi wine (Stage name) who joined parliament after a bi-election which he won with a very huge margin. From a humble beginning and not very descent background, Bobi wine hustled by himself all the way to the top, he is a role model for many youths who are hustling in the poverty stricken third world nation to make ends meet.

At the point when most of the people opposing the government are either bribed to keep silent or intimidated for their lives, plus main stream media being biased on political issues of which you can’t blame them because they are given directives to either comply by dictation of the government or face closure, At this point when ordinary citizens have lost hope in getting a democratic governance the rise of Bobi wine is reviving hope in many Ugandans who had lost hope.

As I conclude this short article let me quote some of the lyrics in bobi wine’s songs titled Situka.

When the going gets tough, the tough must get going,
Especially when leaders become misleaders, and mentors become tormentors.
When freedom of expression becomes a target of suppression,
Opposition becomes our position…

You can access full lyrics Here

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