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Trump Fights The Culture War Because Leftists Want Cultural Genocide

Media outlets have taken note that President Trump appears to be fighting a “culture-war.” Sometimes it seems trivial — like criticizing millionaire thugs for behaving like thugs. Sometimes it is deadly seriously — like defending the sanctity of unborn life and the supremacy of Western civilization so that we can bequeath it to our children.

But why does President Trump have to be a cultural crusader for the preservation of Western people and our way of life?

Because so-called “conservatives” have abandoned the field and liberals have sold us over to our enemies. We are now the vanguard between the West and the world-nightmare. Here’s an image to help you contemplate it (liberals call this “empowering”).

What is a culture war?

A culture war is an ongoing struggle between the general will of the people and the corporate will of the elites who rule them.

The general will of Americans has always been austere, serious, and religious. Liberals despise this and have spent decades trying to break American identity by importing foreign voters while pushing an opioid crisis that has decimated the white working class.

Both of these are quite intentional.

To many, the culture-war seems unreal, half-imagined. Liberals will dismissively claim that it doesn’t exist. Often we wake to the sound of rats scurrying within the walls, but like the phantom rats that possessed Lovecraft’s haunted narrator, they seem to vanish the moment we search them out.

The effects, however, are all too real. Trump recognizes it and so do we. The spirit of the American people is near total collapse.

Our danger has never been so great — but neither has the reward. We stare in horror at the smoking crater where American exceptionalism used to be and we know that we’ve gone past the point of no return. We will succeed or we will be exterminated.

In four generations since the Second World War, our “conservatives,” who are supposed to be the people’s vanguard, have conserved nothing in American culture. Every day we come closer to a Hollywood version of Europe — that is, a dead, soulless, transsexual police state, with interchangeable economic units once referred to as “people.”

Now the very idea of “American culture” is openly mocked and derided by our elite ruling class as a laughing stock or a thing of shame. To a liberal, the Founders are in wane and Hollywood is where America’s moral center lies.

This country was founded by radical Protestants who believed in the liberty of all men AGAINST their tyrannical government. Its guiding principles were always faith, family and sovereignty. But to a modern liberal, our Founders were atheists, our liberty is a racist sham, our firearms were only meant to suppress slave rebellions, and the “problem with America” is that there are too many white people and that we do not trust our government enough!

Every day we inch closer to completely abandoning the ideals of our forefathers and embracing the living nightmare of Canadian bureaucracy.

To the leprous mind of a liberal, every aspect of American culture is now “oppression.” So we must aim to be as “oppressive” as possible.

Are you a Christian?

Then you are an oppressor, sayeth the liberal.

Do you want a traditional family?

Then you are an oppressor, sayeth the liberal.

Do you accept the science of binary gender (male/female) categories?

Then you are an oppressor, sayeth the liberal.

Liberals work as they always have since the 1960s — by dissecting and undermining the language with Marxist tactics until people no longer know how to think logically.

Two examples: Liberals will openly boast about obvious pedophilia as though it was “homosexual pride” and scowl at you for trying to protect your children. Liberals will mock the religious notion of “original sin” while supplanting it with the “original racism” of all white people, regardless of circumstances.

In George Orwell’s “1984” this was called Newspeak, but now it’s simply called post-modernism. Liberals will take a word like “liberty” and turn it into something vile and ugly, until you are shamed into surrendering your liberty to the State.

By the end of the Trump presidency, the culture war will be finished and liberal Newspeak will either be dead, or it will have conquered.

What will you do?

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