FIAC 2017 Top 5 Edition Galleries

FIAC 2017 Top 5 Edition Galleries


Five Edition Galleries are taking part in FIAC 2017; one of the greatest international contemporary art fairs awaiting it opening in Paris.

The top 5 edition galleries made its way through the FIAC list are: Gallery 8+4, GDM, Florence Loewy, mfc- Michele Didier, and STPI.

Gallery 8+4 is showcasing works of six artists at stand 1.F01, Big Palace. The artists on display are Claire Trotignon, Massinissa Selmani, Julie Polidoro, Javier Perez, Giuseppe Penone and Philippe Favier.

Claire Trotignon is a French multimedia artist known for collages of landscapes. Massinissa Selmani is an Algerian artist, who lives and works in Paris. He is known for montages of images and drawings. Julie Polidoro is a French artist, famous for cartography. Javier Perez is an Equator- based illustrator and art director. Giuseppe Penone is an Italian artist and a member of the Italian art movement “Arte Povera”. Philippe Favieris a French visual artist.  

Gallery GDM is showcasing works of six artists at stand 1.G21 at the Big Palace. The participating artists are: Ker-Xavier, Gyan Panchal, Jorge Pedro Nunez, Olivier Mosset, Benoit Maire and Veronique Joumard.

Ker-Xavier Roussel was a French painter associated with Les Nabis. Gyan Panchal, a French artist, is well known for flash art.  Jorge Pedro Nunez is a Venezuelan artist. Olivier Mosset is a Swiss visual artist. He lives and works in Tuscon, Arizona. Benoit Maire is a French visual artist who works in film, sculpture, painting, photography, collage and performance art. Veronique Joumard  is a French artist and works on installations.

Gallery Florence Loewy will showcase their artwork at stand 1.G01, Big Palace. The artists presented will be Tim Maul and Sara Mackillop.

Tim Maul is an American artist well known for his paintings and photographs. Sara Mackillop is a London based artist interested in painting and sculpture.

Gallery mfc- Michele Didier will showcase works of six artists: Paul-Armand Gette & Camille Moravia, Martha Wilson, Athena Tacha, Annette Messager, Paul-Armand Gette and Hannah Collins at stand 0.B02, Big Palace.

Paul-Armand Gette is a French photographer, video artist, sculptor and writer. He lives and works in Paris. Martha Wilson is an American feminist performance artist and the founding director of Franklin Furnace Archive art organization. Athena Tacha is a Greek artist best known in the fields of environmental public sculpture. Annette Messager is a French visual artist and won golden Lion Award at the Venice Biennale in 2005. Hannah Collins is a British contemporary artist and film-maker.

The gallery STPI showcases works of five artists at stand 1.J01, Big Palace. The artists presented are:  

Zhu Wei, Zhan Wang, Ahmad Zakil Anwar, Ja Hyuk Yim and Haegue Yang.

Zhu Wei is a contemporary Chinese artist and known for his quizzical critique of politics and society in present-day China. Zhan Wangis a Chinese sculptor. Ahmad zakil Anwar is one of the most well-known painters in Malaysia.  Korean artist Ja Hyuk Yim is an accomplished water colorist and draftsman. Haegue Yang is a South Korean artist and works with sculptures.

FIAC 2017 will be opening on October 19 and will celebrate the world of contemporary art through its duration from October 19 through October 22, 2017 at Avenue Winston Churchill, 75008 Paris.

For details, visit:

Click on the slideshow for a sneak peek of the artworks.

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