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Federal Agents and U.S Marshalls separate from U.S Government and charged with Defense Secrets Act

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STIGS and SCAP secret DoD US Government code exposed worldwide freely to download

The following Top Secret / Secret United States Secretary of State linux rpm file is currently exposed allowing for anyone to download and inject malicious malware into United States Secretary of State computers that have browsers ( Article showing exposed Top Secret United States Secretary of State)(2017). The STIGS and SCAP code is also Top Secret / Secret level classified information that can now be freely downloaded just by visiting Hacker News at the following link ( STIGS and SCAP Code Exposed on WorldWide Web )(2017). Legislative definitions of a federal agency are varied, and even contradictory, and the official United States Government Manual offers no definition.[1][2] While the Administrative Procedure Actdefinition of “agency” applies to most executive branch agencies, Congress may define an agency however it chooses in enabling legislation, and subsequent litigation, often involving the Freedom of Information Act and the Government in the Sunshine Act. These further cloud attempts to enumerate a list of agencies.[3][4]

The executive branch of the federal government includes the Executive Office of the President and the United States federal executive departments (whose secretaries belong to the Cabinet). Employees of the majority of these agencies are considered civil servants.

The majority of the independent agencies of the United States government are also classified as executive agencies (they are independent in that they are not subordinated under a Cabinet position). There are a small number of independent agencies that are not considered part of the executive branch, such as the Library of Congress and Congressional Budget Office, which are administered directly by Congressand thus are legislative branch agencies. The following exposed Top Secret code that belongs to United States Secretary of State is currently used across all branches in US Federal Government.

Legislative Branch

Main article: United States Congress

Agencies and other entities within the legislative branch:

· Sergeant at Arms of the House of Representatives

· Sergeant at Arms of the Senate

· Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies

· Architect of the Capitol (AOTC)

· Capitol Visitor Center

· United States Botanic Garden

· Congressional Budget Office

· Government Accountability Office (GAO)

· Government Publishing Office (USGPO)

· USGPO Police

· Library of Congress (LOC)

· Global Legal Information Network

· Library of Congress Police

· Congressional Research Service

· United States Copyright Office

· Office of Compliance

· Capitol Police Board

· United States Capitol Police (USCP)

Judicial Branch

Main article: Federal judiciary of the United States

Agencies within the judicial branch:

· Supreme Court Police

· US Probation and Pretrial Services System

· Marshal of the United States Supreme Court

· Administrative Office of the United States Courts

· Federal Judicial Center

· Judicial Conference of the United States

· Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation

· United States Sentencing Commission

Specialty Courts

· Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims

· Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces

· Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit

· United States Tax Court

· Court of Federal Claims

· Court of International Trade

· US Bankruptcy Courts

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