Trizzoid Targets; The Right To Make A Citizen’s Arrest.

Warning: This is a Work of Fiction

White Nationalist, Black Nationalist or a Russian or Canadian citizen ON AMERICAN SOIL, it does not matter to me, The Constitution of The United States of America, protests my enemy’s right to exist and to associate WITH OTHERS.

No matter how many times the “ethnic, religious and or political arrogance” of some (Grey Privilege), pervert the system, to unreasonably deprive others of “life, liberty or property”, I will respect my Constitution and the old-fangled notion of “Ordered Liberty”, and only assert my Constitutional protected rights, as needed.

“Close proximity heckling” is not a constitutionally protected act. The closest of the two constitutionally protected counter-protest, was at or about a mile away from the low life Nazi rally.

DeAndre Harris and Heather Heyer were there to “shut down” their political enemy’s rally and with help, from the Tyrant of Charlottesville, Mayor Michael Signer and his co-conspirators, they succeeded.

God, bless The Thin Blue Line, PLEASE?

In most jurisdictions, expressing “fighting words” DIRECTLY TO another person is a criminal act. But the names of the crime or crimes and the “burden of proof” the crime or crimes, differ from state to state. Some of those crimes are labelled “disorderly conduct”, “disturbing the peace” “public nuance”at name a few.

And there is such a thing, in both criminal and civil law, as a “true threat” of immediate physical force or injury.

I am begging you to abandon your “micro-aggression” mindset ( that moralist’s guilting of others, thingy) because folks are ACTIVELY indoctrinating other people’s children to PROPERLY and LAWFULLY make citizen’s arrests, when someone expresses “fighting words” directing to the children and when the aggressor is in “close proximity” to the children or child.

They are telling these children that it is not lawful to punch a person, when person expresses “fighting words” or “shoots a byrd” while in “close proximity” to the child.

They are telling the children to not be provoked, into committing any act of physical force, ever. And that the only lawful act physical force, is to make an citizen’s arrest, when some one expresses “fighting words” or shoots a byrd directly toward the child. .

They are telling the children that expressing “fighting words” through text messages or other long distance communications can be Constitutionally protected “Free Speech”. And that it is best to go to the courts and swear out a warrant, if the child believes those protections have been exceeded, according to the State or Federal CASELAW.

They are encouraging the children to look up and read their state laws and other local ordinances. And the importance of having “a working knowledge” certain state laws, when visiting other states. And that it does not matter if the children’s feeling are hurt, because there are certain acts that much have been committed before a LAWFUL citizen’s arrest can be made.

They are encouraging the children to look up and read certain caselaw, directly related to the applicable criminal law.

They are encouraging the children to compare State and Federal caselaw, to understand certain legal theories and the exceptions to their application, in certain situations , like the “True Threat Doctrine”, various theories INVOLVING “fighting words” and “Title 42 U.S.C.section 1983” claims.

They are telling the children that political motivated abuse of prosecutorial discretion, is something that has to be dealt with, during any possible law enforcement intervention, after making a citizen’s arrest. And encouraging the children to carefully attempt to assert or otherwise attempt to preserve, for judicial review, all their 9th Amendment Right to “Self Preservation” claims and their “Petition Clause” right to swear and attest to a criminal complaint before the first available judicial officer, And doing so, with the intent to make the legal claim that making a “citizen’s arrest” is a 9th Amendment “Substantive Due Process” right, by and through, the STATED Goals enumerated in the “Preamble” of The Constitution Of the Untied States Of America, as applied to 9th Amendment right to “Self Preservation” and Right.

Wait… I’ve been smoking dem dere marihuana sticks, again. So, eye guess, I’m just caught up in, yet, another delusional dream, again. Dang it man, it sure would be nice, though , RIGHT?

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