Trump Claims His IQ is 740: “I Got 350 Math and 240 Verbuls”

In an escalation of an on-going feud with Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, President Trump tweeted today that his IQ was 740. The President tweeted that when his IQ was tested in 1968, he scored “350 in Math and 240 in Verbuls which is a number higher than a man called Einstein.”

Critics were quick to point out that Trump apparently confused the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) with the Intelligence Quotient Test (IQ). An average IQ score is pegged to 100 while a perfect SAT score is 1600. The highest IQ’s ever recorded are thought to be in the low 200's.

When Press Secretary Huckabee Sanders was asked if the President understood the difference between SAT and IQ tests, Sanders responded that he did.

“As the President has said many times, he is a person with a great brain, so it would make sense that he is seven times smarter than Rex Tillerson. You know the President was the Dean at Trump University.”

At the conclusion of the press conference, it was pointed out that 350 and 240 do not add up to 740 and that an SAT score of 590 would be considered well below average and furthermore there is no section on the SAT called “Verbuls.”

Ms. Huckabee said the President stands behind his IQ assessment.

“When you have an IQ that is seven times lower than the President’s, like you morons in the press, there is a lot of stuff you just aren’t going to understand.”

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