Video Game Addict Traces Root of Problem to Late Grandfather

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In an effort to better understand the underlying factors that have contributed to his crippling affliction, video game addict Jerry Jonah, 23, recently undertook the responsibility of looking into his family history in search of anything that might suggest where his compulsion stems from.

What he found left him speechless.

“I just… didn’t think my family would ever be capable of hiding something like this from me. This information, it…it really could’ve helped me feel…a little less alienated in my struggles.”

The information in question concerned Jonah’s late grandfather; who, despite having been able to forge a functional life for himself, kept up a life-long struggle with his own gaming addiction. In a long-forgotten letter that he found buried underneath piles of antiquated gaming paraphernalia, Jonah read of his grandfather’s harrowing dependence on things such as:

“lonely marathon sessions of Scrabble”
“entire days spent acquiring fictional property on Monopoly”
“futile attempts at making a functioning single-player game of Red Rover”
“midnight runs to the basement for emergency Hopscotch”
“and even the rush of secretly playing full-frontal games of rock-paper-scissors with unknown women”

Though Jonah was able to deduce from the letter that his grandfather deemed video games as being “just a whole bunch of mumbo-jumbo,” he could not bring himself to shake the feeling that having discussed their issues openly with someone who understood would have been an immense relief to the both of them.

“It just all makes so much sense now… how he’d… pull me into the basement and… and… make me play tic-tac-toe. I just wish I’d had the maturity to understand what was really going on.”

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