Things I Am Not Going To Do Today

Because it’s a Sunday. Also because this is the only list I am ever going to work through

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Author’s Note : This is the thirty fourth installment in my 100 days, 100 blogs challenge. In case you missed it, the previous installment is a Himalayan Folktale.

  1. Take my trash out.
  2. Work out if Schrodinger’s cat is actually dead or not. (That darned cat is a pet peeve. And I’d really like an answer once and for all. Not that I am gonna do anything about it. It is just the principle of things)
  3. Write something that is useful that is not a pointless, self indulgent lists inspired by random humor prompt on the internet because honestly I always have trouble finding those funny bones in my body.
  4. Not read another piece on productivity on Medium and feel terrible about my existence.
  5. Go on an adventure trip to a gorgeous, exotic, remote island in search of solitude while feverishly sharing the said solitude on Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook and ten different Whatsapp groups.
  6. Rescue my cat from a tree. (I don’t have a cat. Also, I don’t like cats. Not particularly. Cue: collective sigh of horror from the entire Internet.)
  7. Get paid.
  8. Stick to my diet plan.
  9. Drive anything with any number of wheels.
  10. Accomplish anything that would have made it to my ‘To-Do’ list, had it ever been allowed to exist.
  11. Be a productive, functioning member of the civilized society (Whatever that means)

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