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The Culture War of the 21st Century

We have reached a place in American history that I call The Culture War Generation. This great war has been creeping in for decades and the laziness of Americans allowed it to begin. The baby boomers were the first generation to began to fail. They were reaping the benefits from their parents and they became lazy. They were enjoying the wealth that had been created during the second world war. I know many boomers who do not fit into this category, but millions of them do. Their children were raised in the same environment. They all felt that the country had traveled through its worst part and that it would never return to a revolution style era. They feel that the modern world offers a subsidy that is safe from threats. Men like Paul Revere, George Washington, and Francis Marion are no longer needed because we have reached freedom and nothing will ever happen to that freedom. Do you know there are millions of Americans who believe “hate speech” should be illegal? There are countries in Europe who have already outlawed, this so-called, illegal speech and it is a complete attack on freedom of speech. The Supreme Court has ruled on three different occasions that there is no such thing as hate speech. I guarantee that there are people who will read this and not see or believe that its happening. Our freedoms have been and still are being attacked each and everyday. Look up the definition of cultural marxism. It is a product of the American university. In this article we are going to talk about Jordan Peterson, Professor of Psychology at the University of Toronto and Arron and Melissa Klein, former owners of Sweet Cakes by Melissa.

Back in 2016, Peterson publicly criticized a new bill that was passed by the Canadian senate. This bill had added federal protections for transgender people in the Human Rights Code and the hate crime category of the Criminal Code. Peterson began to speak out against this atrocious bill that he felt infringed on Canadian’s freedom of speech. He started a series on Youtube where he talked about the freedom of speech threat and also the biology of the human body. He isn’t just your average marxist professor. Jordan Peterson is a scholar who has spent his life studying totalitarian governments and he knows the beginning signs that show a free and open society going rouge. Freedom of Speech is a threat to oligarchy or totalitarian governments and cannot exist. Peterson pointed this out and also talked about gender studies and how suppressing peoples opinions is dangerous. We are not going to go deep into what Jordan Peterson was saying, but I am going to show you the action carried out on this man for simply voicing his opinion.

After Peterson began the series on transgender studies and Bill C-16, he began to receive immense backlash. The backlash is normal, but what happened with the backlash shows the level of insanity the radical left has reached. Not only has the insanity levels increased with the left, but the governments are supporting their rage. If you look at government decisions in the past few decades you will see what side they take. Peterson has refused to use gender pronouns and rails against social justice warriors, but a lot of us do just this. So why Jordan Peterson? Or is it just him? Youtube locked him out of his accounts with them and Google. A few days later he was given back access to these accounts without any explanation. Bill C-16, that Peterson railed against, includes punishable offenses if you refuse to use gender friendly pronouns such as “ze” and “zir”. Do you see the insanity in these social justice issues? What world are these people living in? Shouldn’t we all have the right to say and believe what we choose?

This professor was accused as being a racist and a bigot for simply questioning the insanity of the left. We know that the biology of human beings does not lie. How can a person not be the sex that they were born as? Can I just wake up oneway and choose to be a horse? I am not trying to force anybody to do anything, but I shouldn’t be forced to say or act any certain way. Jordan Peterson is just one example of many. These kinds of silencing campaigns have been going on for years. Do you remember the Oregon couple who refused to bake a cake for a gay couple? Arron and Melissa Klein politely refused because it violated their religious beliefs. The state of Oregon and the ACLU decided to make an example out of them and basically ran them out of business. The Bureau of Labor and Industries told the Kleins that they had to pay this lesbian couple a $130,000 and a judge backed this order. This nice Christian family was driven out of business and there was nothing they could do about it. The federal government could not force an architect to build a church. They could not force a Jewish Rabbi to marry a Christian and a Jew. Why is this happening to Christian and conservatives?

This is going to be Part One of a series called “The Culture War of the Twenty-First Century”. We are going to outline this problem in each part and expose what is actually going on. The people who rely on mainstream media outlets do not believe that anything could ever happen to our freedoms. They believe that because we live in the modern world that everything is going to be just fine. Jordan Peterson and the Kleins are just a few who have been targeted and protested. I hope that people will began to wake up and realize what is going on. There is a massive movement of Americans, Canadians, and Europeans who have been talking about this for a while and I hope to see these movements grow and eventually be able to turn the tides on the left.

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