Self Care For Moms

I don’t do a lot of things to spoil myself. I think that most moms, especially single moms, are the same way.

“Indulgence” for me is a night spent binge watching nature documentaries on Netflix while eating my son’s pizza rolls. And then lying about those two events in the morning.

Yes, I’m still lactose intolerant.

Yes, my son’s been convinced we’ve had a pizza roll eating ghost living among us since he was 12.

Occasionally I’ll get a pedicure when my daughter wants to get her nails done. But I’ll only let the guy with the big mustache do my feet because he doesn’t speak any English, doesn’t try to make me pick weird colors, has strong hands, and makes me laugh when he uses a cheese grater. I think he likes me as well, since I just shut up and watch the football game.

We have an understanding.

But this week has been shitty. And I just wanted to go somewhere and relax, and maybe get out of my head for a minute or two. I wanted someone else to take care of me.

I was also in desperate need of a haircut. One I didn’t give myself while bent over the kitchen trash bin using the same scissors I use to trim the cat’s butt of dingleberries.

Photo recreation of my last haircut.

My daughter had just gotten her long locks trimmed at a relatively inexpensive place, so I thought, Why not?

The girl who did my hair was very sweet. Half my age, and happy to only talk about tattoos the whole time.


She gave me bangs, and well. Um.

They’ll grow. Right?

She spent 30 minutes blow drying my hair. I was completely mesmerized. I couldn’t even tell you where my blow dryer is RIGHT NOW, let alone assure you it isn’t broken from misuse.

And my hair is so straight! I didn’t know it was possible. Oh, to be young and free and have the arm strength to create such a masterpiece every single morning before work.

I think I may sleep sitting up on the sofa for the next few nights. I’m definitely posting 200 selfies.

I needed this, you guys. I need MORE of this.

Not necessarily the salon trips. But I need some care.

Maybe I should get a puppy.

Because my cat’s an asshole.

This is my cat loving himself. Not me.

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