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Pulling Out

The Trump administration is set to once again nullify an international agreement this time it isn’t the climate that he is targeting. This agreement is the Iranian Peace Deal, an agreement which literally makes the world a safer place. Trump would not know that the agreement makes the world a safer place, because he doesn’t care about America’s lasting foreign policy. He wants instability he needs instability because if he weakens America and its foreign policy he can make the argument to his people that Obama’s Deal is no longer in effect. The Trump base doesn’t really care about foreign nor domestic policy, they care only for themselves and their morally bankrupt leader and his family.

This is isn’t the only deal that Trump has pulled out of he rescinded on America’s promise to fight climate change when he announced to the world that the United States would no longer be a party to the Paris Climate Agreement. This administration seems to be dead set on not only making the world a more dangerous place but also. ensuring any shred of an Obama legacy does not exist. It appears that Trump and those who defend him are incapable of taking the long view, or they don’t want to take the long view. The long view on any international agreement would tell Trump and his defenders that revoking on international obligations makes this nation look weak. When it comes to the issue of North Korea for example, those who are attempting to find a peaceful solution can’t and this is directly because of Trump. Trump weakens foreign policy because he changes his mind like a toddler has to have their pants changed.

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Something to Ponder: I am in the middle of Eric Hoffer’s: The True Believer… he notes the following on page 25 “It was not the irony of history that the undesired in the countries of Europe should have crossed an ocean to build a new world on this continent. Only they could do it.” When I read this my mind was blown, let me know what you thought.

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