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The following document shows MSNBC confidential do not distribute files exposed ( Google Link with exposed MSNBC files exposed)(2017). ……The following files are parsed that reads the following below

“ I’m a reporter for NBC News and, writing an article today about: … This e-mail message and attached documents are confidential; intended only for the …… Seismic Questions for Incident Response 3–16–11 3am.pdf. “

These outbreak of files comes from over-shared or exposed files, heard from someone who pointed us to this blog post suggesting that a Google-HP partnership, “SMBITinaBox,”is responsible for millions of sensitive do-not-share files being indexed and exposed in Google, which Hackbusters and said. “In general, any misconfigured or unsecured server operating on a business network on which sensitive data is stored or processed exposes the business to data theft and compromise by cyber criminals who can use the data for criminal purposes such as blackmail, identity theft, or financial fraud however all secret, top secret, confidential, do not distribute, and strictly confidential data both corporate and non businesses are available for download causing over $35 Trillion in damages and losses to businesses revenue.”

FTP servers are just the latest weak spot when it comes to exposed services online. Most of the attention-grabbing news of late has been concentrated around open databases and poorly protected IoT and embedded connected devices.

A rash of MongoDB attacks in the past 12 months has left a number of enterprises and commercial businesses reeling. Attackers are using automated attacks to find the installations secured with weak or default credentials before copying and deleting data stored on these instances and demanding a ransom for their return. “If businesses have a legitimate use for operating a FTP server in anonymous mode, administrators should ensure sensitive PHI or PII is not stored on the server. The massive news in the picture above shows continuous reports, which will result in going to Court and Lawsuits in 100s of Billions of dollars and assets to seize, which those financial assets disappeared from criminals that took secret, top secret, and data that is not to be seen, which Federal agents would need to track, but even I the Author can download a handful of data and resell on the Black Market. Looking through the news feed when Googling HP their main publishers called, which covers everything from tech, IT, and other topics relating to computer industry had stopped publishing HP as we notice however we found old Register articles written for Hewlett Packard. The following files are all accessible from MSNBC on Google network however the main blame comes from “13 dns root zone named servers expose terabytes of corporate and small businesses” ( DNS Root Servers replicated Millions of servers to Full Access Permissions)(2017).

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