Lisa Bloom Abruptly Resigns From Advising Harvey Weinstein: Gothamist

When you’ve made a huge mistake. (Getty Images)

One day after saying that Harvey Weinstein did in fact sexually harass women, but that he felt bad about it, attorney Lisa Bloom has resigned from representing the media mogul as he deals with continuing fallout from the revelations that he allegedly sexually harassed women for decades.

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I have resigned as an advisor to Harvey Weinstein.
My understanding is that Mr. Weinstein and his board are moving toward an agreement.

— Lisa Bloom (@LisaBloom) October 7, 2017

Bloom tweeted the above statement informing the world that she resigned as an advisor to Weinstein this afternoon, but didn’t offer any other information as to why she quit. In addition to appearing on Good Morning America and agreeing with George Stephanopoulos that Weinstein’s actions towards women over the past 30 years was “gross,” Bloom also had to fend off criticism from her own mother, famed attorney Gloria Allred, who questioned why she was working with Weinstein.

“I only represent those who allege that they are victims of sexual harassment. While I would not represent Mr. Weinstein, I would consider representing anyone who accused Mr. Weinstein of sexual harassment, even if it meant that my daughter was the opposing counsel,” Allred said in a statement yesterday.

In response, Bloom told Variety, “I believe that we can do good by suing, but also working behind the scenes to encourage accused people to respond with dignity and respect. I would never take a case where either my lawyer mother or my lawyer daughter is opposing counsel. That’s another area where we differ. I believe in family before business.”

In addition to Bloom dropping off of the Weinstein crisis team, DC lawyer Lanny Davis, who’s represented dictators in Equatorial Guinea and the Ivory Coast, has also decided to leave.

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Update: Lanny Davis is out too. Harvey Weinstein’s crisis management team appears to be dissolving even as new q’s about his future pile up.

— jodikantor (@jodikantor) October 7, 2017

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