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Is Failed Writer Ed Krassenstein the most Soulless man on Twitter?

Let’s face it. Donald Trump is so successful at creating jobs that an entire industry has formed around spamming replies to all of @POTUS’s tweets. We saw it with failed entrepreneur, William Legate, aka #SoreLoserLegate, who was subsequently humiliated by trolls. Even stranger was failed comedy writer, Bess Kalb, who spammed twitter for months before fading into obscurity when people realized she was a hack. She’s still writing for Jimmy Kimmel, but she removed all association with the show from her public Twitter profile, presumably after online backlash.

The past few weeks, however, we’ve seen a new troll on Twitter. His name is Ed, and he runs the highly disreputable and discredited Independent Reporter website with his brother. He is a typical Twitter spammer, following hundreds of thousands of accounts and spamming reply chains within seconds whenever President Trump tweets.

Ed is always seen using his personal account to post alongside his shoddy website’s “official” account whenever Trump has something to say. It was no different after the Las Vegas shooting. Ed was immediately seen joining the leftist circus advocating for gun bans and the dismemberment of our constitution. Maybe disrespectful and tasteless, sure, but he was far from the only one. He even made a post about how he was staying up all night worrying about gun violence, when the truth was he was up spamming twitter in a flurry of self-promotion.

Things became more obscene when Trump posted about his trip to Las Vegas. We’ve all seen the clips. Heroic victims stood to meet our president despite their wounds. Donald Trump embraced and consoled the injured and their families. It was a truly heartwarming scene, and I’ve always said that America’s strength comes from its unison in times of tragedy. But then there was Ed, spitting vitriol at our commander-in-chief while POTUS was responding to the mass killing that ended so many lives in Las Vegas.

One has to wonder at this point what’s in the heart of a man like this. He could be donating blood, money, or time to assist in the response to this attack. Instead, he twists the knife plunged into the gut of America. He offers no sympathies or respect. He simply denigrates and distresses. All Ed wants are clicks on his webpage. At some point, you have to stand back for a bit of introspection. We all have to ask ourselves at some point: are we good people? I invite my readers to consider if their actions make America a better place. The answer for Ed Krassenstein is a resounding no.

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