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Thanks Obama: Kellyanne Conway Blames Former President for Las Vegas Shooting

Kellyanne Conway is blaming Obama….again

One thing that has been noticed by political analysts is President Trump’s desire to eliminate most of the legislative legacy of former President Barack Obama. Proof of this comes from his ending of Obama-era policies like DACA and campus sexual assault specifications, to of course attempting multiple times to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare.

The motivation behind this could very well be simple partisanship, but one could argue that race is a part of the equation. After all, contrary to his insipid claims, Trump was one of the big three proponents of the Birther Movement that questioned Obama’s natural-born citizenship, alongside corrupt sheriff Joe Arpaio and paranoid lawyer Orly Taitz.

Regardless, even if we concede that it is simple partisan politics, there is still an undeniable trait of the Republican Party as a whole to blame the Obama Administration for many of the downfalls currently facing Americans. Trump’s infamous campaign message of “Make America Great Again” carried with it this idea that America was great until the Obama era, and we are seeing that message stretched to the extreme with Kellyanne Conway’s recent comments.

The Counselor to the President, who gained infamy for her notorious lies about the Bowling Green Massacre, terrorist attack in Sweden, and “alternative facts,” has decided to help divert negative attention away from her boss’s White House by blaming the recent horrible Las Vegas shooting on Obama. To give some backstory, what happened was some good journalists discovered that, back in February, Trump had slyly rolled back Obama regulations that helped prevent the mentally ill from purchasing firearms. This was done through adding people who spent Social Security money on mental health care to the national background check database.

As a result, Trump is rightfully gaining scorn for the Las Vegas shooting as, even though there is not a direct connection between the nixing of the regulations and Stephen Paddock’s rampage, it showcases how hypocritical he is to act like he cares for the victims.

Conway’s diversion tactic involves blaming the Obama Administration for not putting checks on the purchasing of bump stocks, which are attachments that allow a semi-automatic weapon to imitate a fully automatic one:

“I did note… it was President Obama’s ATF — the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms — in 2010 that decided not to regulate this device. That should be part of the conversation.”

In other words, even though Trump deliberately got rid of other Obama policies regarding gun control, it is apparently Obama’s fault for not passing more changes that Trump would have inevitably gotten rid of. Absolutely ridiculous.

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