Alfredo Jaar at Frieze Masters Spotlight, London

A special presentation by Galerie Lelong & Co. and Goodman Gallery featuring the works of Alfredo Jaar is currently being showcased at Frieze Masters Spotlight. 

The first major overview of this body of work in the UK, the exhibition brings together a collection of Jaar’s works created in Chile in the 1970s and 1980s. These historical works reflect on one of the most important times in Chile’s history while the country was under General Augusto Pinochet’s dictatorship, after democratically-elected President Salvador Allende was overthrown on September 11, 1973. The works on display include Jaar’s seminal “Studies on Happiness” (1979-81), a multi-component work that throws light on the various ways to intervene in urban space under Pinochet’s dictatorship; “Faces” (1982), which shows journalistic photos taken in Chile following September 11, 1973 coup and Nobel Peace Prize-winning poet Pablo Neruda’s funeral, juxtaposing the original with an enlarged detail of an individual’s face in the crowd, and many more works that stress on the politics of imagery and representation in the new era. Frieze Masters Spotlight is a special platform organized by Frieze that brings together the works of many 20th century artists while the fair is on. Visitors can explore a collection of the best artworks by the masters.

The exhibition will be on view through October 8, 2017 at Frieze Masters, Regent’s Park, Chester Rd, London NW1 4NR, UK.

For details visit:

Click on the slideshow for a sneak peek at the exhibition.

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