The two reasons for the Second Amendment are as true today as when the Founders debated it.

The two reasons for the Second Amendment are as true today as when the Founders debated it. First, an armed citizenry is the only last and final defense against a government gone tyrannical. It’s so cute how so many people believe that the people holding government power are all honorable and good; how they can be trusted to never take away our liberties and rights. Their argument, whether they articulate it or not, is this — We are completely safe making ourselves utterly helpless against the people in government because they are will never abuse that power or do us harm.

That’s truly funny, because the people making that argument are at the same time telling us that the government is full of racists and bigots and homophobes, full of those who want the elderly to die in the gutter, who collude with big corporations to foul our air and water and soil for their own enrichment, who want pregnant teens to bleed to death in back allies trying to scrape the fetus out with a coathanger, who hunt down black people and shoot them for sport, who fill our prisons with black people.

Those same people in government are more than willing to spy on us all, we have seen that. And the surest way to become super-rich without effort is to get elected to Congress. So which is it, good and honorable or corrupt villains? You can’t keep your stories straight.

These are the people in power, we are told, before whom we can safely make ourselves helpless and dependent because they would never do us any injury. Our Founding Fathers did not think so, and neither do I. History sides with the Founders.

The second reason is like the first. We all have a God-given right to defend ourselves and our families. Remember, when seconds count, the police are only minutes away. Or hours. I clearly remember a state Supreme Court throwing out a lawsuit against the police because they were called to a home invasion in progress, but didn’t show up for over an hour. By which time, people died.

The court’s reasoning was that there is no legal obligation on the part of the police to respond to any particular call for help. Yes, they are honor bound to make the attempt, but it is not a legal requirement. Each individual, in the final analysis, is dependent on himself or herself for their own protection and well-being. The Second Amendment is the only thing protecting our right to the means of our self-defense.

Your argument in this article, that the Second Amendment only applies to weapon technology of 1787, is irrelevant to the reasons why the Second Amendment was created. In your own words, your argument “doesn’t matter”.

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