Manifesto of solidarity to the democracy and freedom of the people of Catalonia

To all Catalans,

We, citizens of the World, in free conscience, imbued in fraternal, universal spirit and aware of the importance of democratic values and of the self-determination of individuals, peoples and social groups, direct our vows of solidarity and our support to the Catalonian people in their sovereign and just demand for self-determination. We do so recognizing the democratic diversity that was demonstrated with legitimacy through their struggle against the authoritarian and violent repression that they have suffered in October 1st, 2017.

We join the clamor for liberty and fundamental rights. We echo the just desire inspired by that will, and we countersign the legality that was democratically shown in the form of the popular and peaceful decisions taken.

Thus, as citizens from all over the world, we call for the international community to intercede towards a mediated solution, in such a way that the referendum-backed decision of the Catalan people is respected in Catalonia, in Spain, in the European Union and before all States.

We equally consider the universal human right to show support to such inspiring defenses of liberty. And we consider that not only a right, but a responsibility of all peoples and organizations that act in defense of social, libertarian and human rights, especially during times in which irrational and authoritarian forces yet again start charging at populations from all over the world, at various levels of subjugation and violence.

For popular sovereignty!

Renato Cristofi — Historiador

Bruna Augusto Pereira — Presidente Instituto ReCivitas

Marcus Brancaglione — Ativista Social

Pedro Theodoro dos Santos Neto — Administrador

Fabiana Cecin — ativista e PhD em Ciências da Computação

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