Las Vegas Massacre

A Random Act Of Violence Or Something More?

Mandalay Bay Hotel And Casino

Note: This article attempts to view this act of evil in Las Vegas from multiple points of view which may or may not reflect my personal opinions on the matter. One thing is clear to me and that is some of the ‘facts’ in this matter released by the media do not add up. I respect the victims and their families, my condolences go out to everyone affected.

There are very few events in life that are hard or even impossible to imagine. Acts of violence to most normal people are one of these. A normal citizen can’t fathom what would bring a person to harm another, let alone dozens of people. It’s so hard in fact, that a person more often than not must conclude that the aggressor in a violent matter such as the Las Vegas shooting was evil or insane.

I won’t dispute that, anyone whether working in a group or alone that commits such an act regardless of why is a very sick individual. Sometimes however, concluding simply that “this was an act of evil” now let’s ignore everything else is just not enough. It does no good to ignore things that just do not add up.

What are some of the ‘facts’ being released by the mainstream media that do not make sense to me? Well, in this short article I will list just a few. This is not an all inclusive investigatory article. There is much not known about the events surrounding this crime. More questions or facts may emerge later, so keep that in mind. This event needs to be looked into by serious investigators that do not have an agenda. We have seen many times in the past supposedly non-partisan agencies such as the FBI obscure or even outright cover up the motives of an attack. Do not take any media’s or government agency’s press release at face value.

The first thing that does not add up to me is the location of the gunfire and the gunman’s room. I have heard some reports on the radio where you hear a guy screaming “I see gunfire coming from the 32nd floor!”. You see media everywhere reporting the gunman was in a room on the 32nd floor. Not only are they reporting that he was in a room on the 32nd floor, but they found an arsenal of weapons as well as the shooter already dead in his room.

Headline Out Of the LA Times

If that is true, please explain these videos in which you can clearly see flashes from the shots coming from a room around the 4th floor, not the 32nd:

The second thing that does not add up to me is that they are saying it was the act of a single person. As you see from my first point, it automatically calls this single gun nut explanation into question. They found the alleged shooter dead in a room on the 32nd floor, yet as you see above there were definitely shots coming from the 4th floor.

Either this guy was shooting from above and someone from below or the shots solely came from around the 4th floor room, and no shots came from the 32nd. Which is it? Why did some footage and/or sound recordings have a man yelling during the shooting that it was coming from the 32nd floor when it was obvious that flashes were coming from the 4th floor? Were there people on the ground running interference?

Additionally here is another video that calls this ‘lone gun nut’ idea into question. In this video you see a woman who attended the concert explain that another woman attending the concert was causing trouble and told various people “they were all going to die tonight” before she was forced to leave by security:

Is this woman who was seen causing a disturbance and telling people they were all going to die merely a coincidence? Perhaps it’s not connected to the event, or maybe it was. However, it left doubt in witness’ mind and she felt it important enough to mention.

For the purpose of keeping this article short I will mention only one more point. The third thing that does not add up to me is that almost immediately the FBI and even the brother of the alleged shooter claimed that Mr. Paddock (alleged shooter) was not affiliated or connected with any political group or religion that could explain the violent attack at a Country Music festival. Yet ISIS has already claimed responsibility and pictures have emerged that seem to show Mr. Paddock at an Anti-Trump rally/Woman’s March.

Call my a cynic but when the FBI claims they haven’t established a motive, or can’t find a motive to explain this I can’t bring myself to trust their claims at face value. The reason I can’t trust the FBI in this regard is because we are talking about the very same agency that has managed to sweep motives under the rug when it came to previous radical Islamic attacks.

Is the man in this picture actually Mr. Paddock, the alleged shooter? Let’s take a look:

Alleged Shooter At An Anti-Trump Rally Or Not?

What stands out to me is the guy has a similar expression, the area around the mouth seems pretty similar and they both have fully connected earlobes. I am not saying I know for a fact that this is the same guy but I will say I’m willing to bet that facial recognition software will give a very high likely hood that it is the same man.

One last thing that adds to this last point that I find peculiar is that a user on 4chan (a website forum for various topics) warned about an attack that might occur in Las Vegas early September:

Source Of This Image: 4Chan

Right now there are more questions than answers when it comes to this attack in Las Vegas. One thing you can be sure about is there are enough things that do not add up to warrant a healthy dose of skepticism when it comes to answers the Mainstream Media or FBI provide to you.

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