Intention vs Action: The Difference.

Intention vs Action: The Difference. Intention: A wish or idea that someone means to carry out. Action: Something that is done, completed or performed.

In order to convey an idea via print one must put one’s fingers on a typewriter, or use one’s voice to translate to text, just like putting ones finger on the trigger in order to use the weapon. Nothing happens until the idea is transmitted to the instrument. Same with music, no fingers or voice, no music. It is the mind behind the idea that causes the action, not the instrument.

in this vast land, and around the globe, there is some percentage of the population who are nuts, usually characterized as the three percent. They are the psychopaths, and sociopaths that cause all of our problems. They hide in plain site, and walk among the rest of us as equals. The heats on in their fevered brains, and, eventually, things come to a boil. Unless others are able to see them boiling, they eventually boil over and we observe a tragic incident like the ones mentioned.

Taking guns away from sane people, aka disarming them, will allow the three percent to run amuck. If one thinks it’s bad now, wait until the left succeeds in their gun grab. Only those nuts with bad intent will be left with weapons, and, like it or not, guns and other weapons will always be available to those people.

Gun ownership is a responsibility accepted and practiced by a large percentage of our population, and is what sets us aside from nations like North Korea. Little Rocketman is an example of the three percent around the globe that are demented. The North Korean people have no choice. They live in poverty under the thumb of the fat man and his minions who are armed to the teeth, and wish to continue their domination and self-destructive behavior. As long as We the People are armed, that will never happen in our nation.

There seems to be a great potential for another civil war in the US. The Dark Side is pushing to destroy whatever ties that may bind us as a nation through social activism, i.e. Antifa, BLM, an other radical leftist groups. The One World proponents , led by Obama and the Clintons, and financed by the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Soros and other members of the international banking cartel must not be allowed, through whatever chicanery, to disarm the citizens of the our country.

I am but one small voice in the wilderness. May the Force be with you.

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