Fairy Stories: Guns and the people who love them

It’s important to understand that the gun business relies on the collector the way we as consumers crave new features as an achievement. This aspect of the gun buyer mentality, is similar to the way Apple wants you to covet the newest iPhone and also add to your gadgets with watches and other apps. It’s a finite market so they stimulate the consumer with fears of limitations and more and more addictive features. Look at the brain and the parts of it that light up with action from the hands. It is stunning. Gun buyers and collectors have an addictive potential similar to other digital vulnerabilities and then tell themselves a history-fairy story about the second amendment to seal the deal.

In the end we all must wake up again and again to whatever binds us whether it’s opiates, guns, money video games or i-phones. I like writing and I like when you like me on Facebook or Instagram. I’m still not 100% in with claps but I like a place to nest my thoughts and I love having a reader. America is an ailing and toxic binary culture. Jesus is worn out. His message is like a lemon squeezed dry of its juice. All those stories become a reason to exclude and nurse unspoken anxieties until we vote to build a wall and poke a stick at the man who wants to explode himself in a crowd. Social media is compassion theatre and our comedians are weeping instead of telling us jokes. We think that this all makes us feel connected or active but it is in the end an empty string of ones and zeros. We are connected sort of but I may also obsess and plug my thoughts in daily to why the stranger stopped clapping and liking when the algorithm was flipped and I am relegated to the waiting room until it’s my turn again.

I can’t live like this anymore. I am respectfully asking God to help me shift myself in some way that helps me make a new map for myself and the real community that I live in. I need some real life in this life that ticks along whether I am aware, wary or weary. God is maybe my fairy story, but it’s one that, so far keeps me out of sky scrappers with my guns so I guess I’ll stick with it. If you need me email, write or call. We can talk.

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