Sugar Pine 7: Rise of the Chicken boy and Crew

The boys and their “Alternative Lifestyle” has created a cult-like following.

There are daily vloggers like David Dobrik, Jake Paul, and Roman Atwood… and then there are the boys of Sugar Pine 7. Steve Suptic and the rest of the band at SP7 have redefined what a defines a vlog series is on YouTube. Having a good mix of vlogging, improv, and scripted storylines; the boys have found their stride. They have created one of the more original and entertaining comedy series on YouTube. Their success was a culmination of wit, style, and “talent” that others could only try to imitate (cough cough). I don’t think I have such an attachment to a series or characters on YouTube as that of SP7. I genuinely care about what stupid shit they will do next. While other creators make 10 minute videos that seem like an eternity, SP7’s style makes it go by in a flash. I catch myself rewatching some things just to see how stupid it really sounded.

There is usually no point to their videos and there is really no point in this post. I really wanted to talk about a series that has sprung up and should gain more viewership than what it has now. Of course, it’s a weird type of comedy but it is entertaining nonetheless. The style of comedy might not be what some are used to and it does take a while to understand the pacing of the story. While some episodes are pointless as fuck, the stupidity keeps you on board. While others episodes are so dramatic that it makes you care deeply about the 'real lives' of the characters. The series is like The Office, if the office was self aware, misunderstood, and has an office in a building where homeless people ask for drug money. The line of what is real and what is fake is blurred. The blurr in the “semotics” of the series makes it evermore entertaining and better than other similar series that we have seen on YouTube. It’s pushing the boundaries of what a comedy series is or what a comedy series should be on YouTube.

The chemistry and improv the group are hit or miss. They’re like peas in a pod. They are good together but kinda shit when apart. The boys come up with material as they film and some jokes don’t land as well as they hope. But that’s the point, it grounded in reality. The best joke makes the cut, or the worst one, depending which one is funnier. It’s a trial and error of a sit com show…without the scripted jokes and repetitive storylines. The chemistry between the main characters is what keeps the shop afloat and the awkward and weird tension that ensues is very entertaining. It’s real life but not really. It’s purely alternative lifestyle. We’re telling you it’s real even though you know it’s fake. It’s like David Dobrik’s vlogs on acid. They understand that you know some things are faked but also keep in the absurdity of reality so that the audience can’t tell where the line is blurred.

The idea of alternative lifestyle is a level of immerison and interconnectivity that I have never experienced before. The previous sentence is literally bullshit but you will kind of understand the point I am making. The audience are in on the jokes and the intent is that the character and actor are the same. The immerison to the storylines of the characters are beyond anything I’ve seen before. In live Q&A’s, SP7 crew are asked questions not about the characters but as the characters. It’s like asking Justin Roiland a question about Rick on a Rick and Morty panel and him responding to you as Grandpa Rick. Everyone is in on the joke, and no one is left out…except everyone who doesn’t watch it. It’s like a cult, if a cult has a chicken boy as it’s leader and worships the vape gods.

The cult like following has responded by getting SP7 nominated for the Steamy Awards. While the crew has sign on with Rooster Teeth to further their vision and continues to grow on a daily basis. There is nothing special about SP7 aside from the fact that comedy on YouTube has taken a step forward. Like Bo Burnham, Nigahiga, and Smosh before them, SP7 has created a refreshing new look at comedy that will only get better. Or it won’t. But you know congrats on the streamy.

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