Anti-Fascism Digest #4 (10/2/17)

A roundup on fascism and its apologists

Welcome to the fourth weekly roundup of other people’s work on fascism and its apologists — that is, far-right cranks, blowhards, trolls, and wingnuts.

If you’re any kind of activist, here’s an anti-doxing guide on our very own Medium Dot Com.

Wacky Right-wing Words and Deeds

Republican civil war looms as Steve Bannon takes aim at the establishment (
Gin-soaked werewolf Steve Bannon continues his attempts to steer one of two major American political parties, with or without the White House.

Protesters heckle white supremacists gathering near Crossville (
Anti-racists in Tennessee cheerfully hassle the attendees of a fascist meetup.

Sweden: Clashes at neo-Nazi rally in Gothenburg (
Anti-racists in Sweden not-so-cheerfully hassle Nazis.

Roy Moore Wins GOP Senate Nomination: His Long History Of Fighting ‘False Religion,’ ‘Criminal Lifestyle’ & Pre-K ‘Indoctrination’ (
There’s a saying…“no one ever went broke underestimating the theocratic madness of Alabama politicians”? Eh, that doesn’t sound right.

Analysis, Critique, and Thoughts Thunk

Far-Right Groups Are Struggling To Pull Off Any Events In Wake Of Charlottesville (Allegra Kirkland,
“Both extremists and the experts who study them caution that those on the racist fringe are simply down, not out.”

The Return of Fascism (Seyla Benhabib,
Photo essay. “By putting the Nazi paraphernalia of these groups so vividly on display, Rasmussen’s photographs force us to confront the reality that there are forces that want Europe to fall apart rather than pull together.”

The far right’s new project: Bringing back the Red Scare (Jack Smith IV,
“The Third Red Scare is here. Its propaganda is hyperbolic and hardly stands up to scrutiny. But the movement has effectively armed the American right with the talking points they need to combat socialism’s rising popularity.”

Mommy Issues (Jessa Crispin,
“The Mom’s March, set to be a right-wing answer to the anti-Trump Women’s March back in January, was a bust. It was such an insignificant blip on the timeline of the culture wars that no one even thought to protest it in return.”

A Visit to Germany’s Flyover Country (Heike Klovert,
“…many people here are plagued by fears of foreigners and of terror — even those who didn’t vote for the AfD.”

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