Why does your opinion “reek of privilege”?

Why does your opinion “reek of privilege”?

I think it reeks of insight. Lol.

You are expressing key points about why we had be gotten to where we are. Consider yourself a forward thinker.

People need to worry less about “checking privilege", which is a bullshit notion because if you are privileged, then you will always view the world through the lens of a privileged person. Same goes in reverse. If you aren’t privileged, then you’ll most likely see the world through that lens.

We need solutions to real problems, not a culture of “calling out" everything and everyone for perceived injustices.

We Americans lack a global perspective. There are nations where the rich have billions and the poor live in less than $1.00 per day. Our nation certainly has racial, gender, and economic inequality, but our issues hold a candle to the pain and suffering of others in the world.

This is a true statement, not a political stance, so I’ll thank all those who want to tear me down to keep their trolling to themselves.

We need to mature as a people. Otherwise, we stay where we are: a nation of children in adult bodies whining and pointing fingers while shouting “that’s bad. That’s wrong. That’s unfair” for the next 3 generations.

Think of all the wasted energy people spend bitching online. Imagine if all that angst was channeled into a productive platform against racism, bigotry, economic inequality, etc….

What would this country be like then?

I don’t know exactly what that would look like, but I know it would be better, more honest, and the younger generation, the Millennials would unseat arrogant, selfish, dangerous and hypocritcal Boomer political leadership.

A world without Trump… a world without Hillary too… without Soros, without Bernanke…. You see where I’m going…

A world WITH new leadership of rational, highly educated and socially aware people.

My money, as a 40 year old guy at an age between Millenials and Boomers, is on Millenials. Innovative. Forward- thinking. Socially aware. Good combo of traits for change- based leadership.

Nice article.

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