Quiz: Which Teletubby or O.J. Trial Juror Are You?

Shown above: Lamar, Stacey, Lonz “The Fonz” Gonzalez, and Mr. Bannigan.

Want to find out who you really are on the inside? Take this quiz to find out! Good luck!

Question One: Pick An Accessory

A. Earings

B. A cute purse

C. Your scooter

D. Hat!

E. A single black leather glove, recently used

Question Two: Pick Your Favorite Color

A. Purple

B. Green

C. Yellow

D. Red

E. I Don’t See Race

Question Three: Pick a Vacation Location

A. Paris

B. Hawaii

C. Barcelona

D. Thailand

E. The prosecutor seems shrill and unlikable.

Question Four: Pick a Movie Genre

A. Romantic Comedy

B. Action

C. Dog Movies

D. Horror

E. He tried on the glove, and it didn’t fit. End of story. You can’t murder someone if your gloves don’t fit. I stand by what I did..

Question Five: Pick Your Favorite Dessert

A. Ice Cream Cake

B. Sherbert

C. Brownies

D. Chocolate Chip Cookies

E. Looking back, sure, maybe I have doubts. We all have doubts. Not a day goes by where I don’t close my eyes and wonder “what if…” What if it was my wife? How would I have reacted? Not that my wife is still around, but…well, I suppose it doesn’t matter now. Juice did some time…time…I’ve got three, maybe four months left…yup…suppose not much matters now. Say, if you’re able to reach Darlene, just tell her…well, best not. She’s with Kirk now and, hell, I’m just a distant memory. Say, if you’ve got any more questions for me, come by again. We can watch the ‘Niners play on Sunday. I’ve got surgery on Monday. Might be my last chance to see the red and gold. Just one last time…country roads…take me home…to the place…I…

And the verdict is…

Answer: You’re neither! If you took this quiz, you have fingers and thumbs, so congrats! You’re not a Teletubby! And if you took this quiz, you’re not an O.J. juror slowly dying alone in a hospital regretting all of his life decisions, so double congrats! You’re you!

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