The Big GOP Lie

Feel like you’ve been spoonfed a load of crap by the GOP? Do you really think you’re getting a tax cut?

Here’s a little secret kept from all of us voters out here. Those people we send to Washington…they don’t care about you. They don’t care about smaller government. They don’t care about cutting your taxes. And they sure as hell could give less than two shits about your health care or how much you have to pay for it. They care about power and money, plain and simple. How else can you explain it that your local attorney making seventy thousand a year wins a congressional election, Mr. Boucher goes to Washington, and doubles his yearly salary. However, when the guy (or gal) comes out of office he’s worth tens of millions! Payoffs? Bribes? Mass corruption? You tell me how that’s possible.

That’s right! I’m speaking to you, Republican Party. I’ll give you credit, you sure as hell are a great salesman. After that piece of shit bill Obamacare became law you begged us, “Give us the House!! We’ll change things!!” We gave you the house. Then you blocked a lot of lousy legislation but still have in to the radicals on the far left. Not the regular Democrats (even though they fell in line with Polosi and Reid). Then you said, “Give us the Senate! We can make real change!!!” And the people gave you Senate. Then you begged for the White House, to really turn things around. And then the people gave you just that.

And you lied. You lied big time. You gave a giant middle finger to the majority of Americans and told them to fuck off. I’m sure they won’t forget. Who am I kidding? We’ll all forget in a month or two when football players get tired of taking a knee and we can all move on! There are no true outlaws anymore.

The truth is that the Democrat Party turned into socialists a long time ago when they ran all the Blue Dog’s out of the party. Don’t believe me? Just ask Bernie Sanders, if that politician can bare to tell the truth one more time. The Republicans…well, they are what the old Democrats used to be in the 80’s, another group of big government politicians not afraid to lie to you, but they sort of half-assed believe in the Constitution when it suits them.

When I was younger I assumed I’d fit in with the Democrats until they took that far left turn and began being led around by their fringe. I tried to fit in with the Republicans. I really tried. But they, too, left me behind…a true believer that government has its place and that YOU and I are the true leaders of this country. Well, mabye there are a few outlaws left…

As far as tax cuts, I suspect that the GOP will botch this promise just like they did about your healthcare. I guess in that sense they are dependable. Until next time, Outlaws.


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