Reflection based on the book “No Entry” by Colber Prosper, M.S

Our country’s attention span has left the city of Detroit in the dust. I have always been fascinated that one of the biggest cities in the United States, has become an empty shell of a city. As the United States economy dipped lower and lower, the biggest victim (in terms of business) was the auto industry, and we know what happened after automotive business’ started to tank. So, the ones left to suffer were the citizens of Detroit. I’ve watched clip, after clip of residents not having water, living in uncertain conditions, and food deserts. It’s beautiful to watch the uprising of community gardens, culture, and rebuilding, but as usual that isn’t enough sometimes. Some might say, the reason Detroit or Flint are ignored is because they have major populations of Black people. Now, if I think how power hinders/promotes potential I would say that the powers that be, allow Detroit and Flint to fail because since this country has been founded it has not served well for the interest and well being of non-white people.

The three dimensions of power (that I read about in No Entry) are a great example of why I think some communities are left to suffer; issue, agenda, and manipulation. First off the issues going on in Detroit or Flint were looked over because the interests of the people were not key issues to our government or corporations, the agenda was to save the economy from tanking over actually helping the city, and people were manipulated to feel like there was no choice but to leave their communities or suffer because the crisis was bigger than them. If we reversed all of those statements on issue, agenda, and manipulation, I believe that power can promote potential. If we choose politicians whose agenda includes all americans on an equal basis, power can re-invigorate Detroit. The people of Detroit are trying hard to take the power into their own hands, but it feels so fragile! The moment a big company or politician wants change that doesn’t help working class people and “minorities”, all of the community uprising can be demolished. Gentrification has been a killer of communities and culture, despite the positive effects. I’ve seen in the headlines lately, that Detroit is vying to be the second headquarters for Amazon. I think that’s a great idea, it would bring new people to the city, while providing jobs. I hope that if that does happen, Amazon puts money into the community and revitalization hits Detroit. After saying that, if new communities arrive and things change, it’s important that the people who needed help in the first place are not forgotten.

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