ICE officials said 101 people were arrested in the Los Angeles area


Operation Safe City” is a threatening and vile step to force the hand of immigrant-welcoming cities. ICE will not get away with it.

Los Angeles, CA — The Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights (CHIRLA), the largest immigrant rights organization in California, denounced reports Thursday that ICE conducted immigration sweeps during the past several days arresting 498 undocumented immigrants nationally.

The not-so-veiled threat to immigrant-welcoming cities is spelled out in ICE’s press statement, making “Operation Safe City” a clearly cruel, absurd, and politically-motivated enforcement operation.

The following are comments for Angelica Salas, CHIRLA Executive Director.

“The Trump Administration has taken one more step to intimidate immigrant-welcoming communities by moving forward with a national sweep that has negatively impacted at the very least 498 American families and several communities. Of those detained, 101 were our neighbors, family members, co-workers, and residents of Los Angeles.

ICE is a rogue agency with trigger-happy elements who time and time again have demonstrated their lack of human decency and respect for justice and human rights. We have a hard time believing anything ICE has to tell us about those it arrested this week in this dastardly operation. But we are very clear that ICE’s actions make our cities unsafe and inflict terror on millions in communities that just want to live with security and liberty.

We are deeply troubled by this politically-motivated and cruel form of immigration enforcement and call on Congress to investigate who exactly is being targeted and why. In the meantime, we will escalate our campaign to ensure not one more dollar is granted to extend the suffering, humiliation, and persecution of millions of families living and working in the United States.”

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