Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe

While originally from New York, Governor Terry McAuliffe considers McLean, Virginia to be his hometown and he has lived in Virginia for over 20 years. He graduated from the Catholic University of America with a bachelor degree and from Georgetown University Law Center with a Juris Doctor.

He started working entrepreneurially at 14 and was a businessman until he became involved politically with Bill Clinton’s campaign in 1996. In 2008 McAuliffe was also chairman of Hilary Clinton’s presidential campaign. In 2001 he served for four years as Chairman of the Democratic National Committee.

He ran for governor in 2009 unsuccessfully against Creigh Deeds in the primary, but ran again successfully in 2013 after the former governor, Bob McDonnell retired.

One of the main political issues during his term was his support of reinstating Syrian refugees in 2016. “Nothing is more important to the Governor and his team than keeping Virginians safe,” the governor’s office said. However, McAuliffe also strongly supported the reinstating of Syrian refugees to Virginia. Another political issues was the controversy on illegal contributions to his 2013 campaign. The FBI started an investigation unbeknownst to McAuliffe, and while there was inconsistency in his stories about his relationship with the donor, the investigation yielded no prosecution. The final issue is the frequency with which he vetoes bills presented to him. While the state legislature is lead by Republicans, McAuliffe vetoed the most bills in a single session in almost 10 years.

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