Jesus Was a Cuck

by Sean Joseph Watson & Harry P. Chavez

You can sleep with his wife anytime! Source: Wikipedia

We at the W.O.K.E Collective always keep tabs on our enemies in the alt-right community. One thing we have noticed is that many like to proudly proclaim their White Christian heritage. We decided to do a bit of research and we realized that proclaiming pride in Christianity is actually against alt-right values; then again, hypocrisy is rife in their movement.

But why is proclaiming Christianity against alt-right values, you may ask? Simple. Jesus was a cuck. Below is our evidence.

Render Unto Caesar

Jesus seriously told people you have to give money to those who oppress you; in this case, the Roman Empire. With their massive bureaucracy and rule over various countries, peoples, and cultures, the Romans were the Globalists of their time, a lot like the U.N and Bilderberg today. Like the Globalists of today, the Romans didn’t share the values of ancient Israel nor did they respect their sovereignty. They even had the nerve to tax people in order to continue oppressing said people. These Romanx were a lot worse than the UN; they were almost as bad as George Soros!

What every priest wishes they could say to the altar boys. Source: Quick Meme

By the way, do you know what happened to the Roman Empire? It eventually fell due to unchecked immigration. The ancient land of Israel itself was eventually taken over by Muslims. Doesn’t that sound familiar? I mean, look at what is happening in Europe. Jesus set a precedent for cucks to come, including Europe’s biggest cuck, Angela Merkel. And now Europe is filled with people that the alt right does not like one bit. And we all have Jesus to look back to blame for this poisonous trend that will be the death of the European people. Jesus set a precedent that the alt-right hero Donald Trump is fighting against!

Turning the Other Cheek

Slap dat ass. Source: Pintrest

What kind of hippie bullshit is that? If our Founding Fathers just turned the other cheek to British tyranny, the United States would never have been founded! This is America; we don’t turn the other cheek, we shoot them in the damn head! We have a Second Amendment, not a “turn the other cheek like a pussy” Amendment!

Parable of the Good Samaritan

The only Good Samaritan I know is Obama. Source: savannahleeclimer

This story is the most famous of example of the “love your enemies” philosophy of Jesus. And, um, it’s so cuck. Jesus expects people to help their sworn enemies when they see them dying before them? Um, seriously, would Son of Baldwin do that? No? Exactly. If Jesus was truly red-pilled, he would have made the parable about letting your dying enemy just die off, because that is what the enemy would do to you. Furthermore, Jesus should be exposing stories on why his people are righteous and his enemies are so evil; not the other way around like the liberals in the mainstream media do 24/7/365. Jesus Christ inspired countless liberals to virtue signal against America and the West and act self-righteous doing it. If you promote the Good Samaritan story as a good thing, then fuck you. Go back and watch your spouse cheat on you in front of you just like you like it. Bitch.

Jesus practicing interracial dating. Source: Listverse

Faking his own death?

Cats still have 7 more lives than that. Source: Pintrest

The resurrection, the big miracle that Jesus supposedly pulled off, can anyone with a straight face really buy it? Biggie, Tupac, Elvis, Michael Jackson, Jesus… all people that faked their death because the burden of fame, the spotlight, became too much for them. What better way to leave the work of founding a religion to others than to peace out and say “I’m going to heaven, Peter, go out and do the heavy lifting.” Now President Trump is the opposite, he has no problem rolling up his sleeves and getting the job done. He saw a country in need, and he set out to become President! No task was too daunting, no slur said against him would stop him. Jesus inflamed tensions among the Jewish people, nearly sparked a civil war, and then he just kinda disappeared. Sounds a lot like Obama to me, make a mess and then peace out and collect checks giving speeches to Wall Street banksters.

Mary Magdalene (The Most Famous Woman to be Slut-Shamed)

You mean to tell me that Jesus never hit that? This woman was all over his dick and he never hit that?

The most action that Jesus Cuck ever got. Source: Wikipedia

What kind of male would pass that up? We all know who: beta males, and beta males are inherently cuckish. I bet Jesus would “turn the other cheek” if another man was fucking her. He’d probably watch, too, and do nothing about it. His 3-inch dick couldn’t satisfy shit. Cucked motherfucker.

So that’s why he was “celibate”? Source: Pintrest

Jesus and the Rich Young Man

Limousine Liberal. Source: Pintrest

This story is anti-Capitalism, plain and simple. Give all your riches away and live poor as fuck? Why not just encourage the rich man to make investments that create jobs and make money for more people? Like the leftists and Antifa today, Jesus clearly hated successful people and instead of looking at his own poor life choices and taking personal responsibility for his homelessness and poverty, decided to take a pot shot at a successful man. And of course he bragged about it because all good cucks love to virtue signal. Communist cuck piece of shit!

Feeding the Multitude

Handouts, nothing but handouts! Yeah, let’s have thousands of people all trek out into the desert with no supplies, what bad could come of that? Needless to say, it didn’t take long for people to start getting hungry and thirsty, being in the desert and all. A sensible person would have told everyone to make sure they brought ample food and water before heading out, but the hotshot new religious figure aint got time for that! The Disciples were able to scrounge together some loaves and fishes, but it wasn’t going to be enough.

Should’ve done his market research first. Source: Common Sense Evaluation

Again, a sensible person would have tried distributing the supplies they had, and encouraged everyone else to head back. That didn’t happen here. Instead of engendering a sense of self-reliance and self-determination, the people that were gathered that day were taught that being unprepared is totally okay, because someone more powerful than you is going to take care of all your needs! I cannot see a way of damaging a person more than to teach them to be reliant on anyone other than themselves. Look at how that’s worked out for Venezuela.

Nobody that day was MPGA — Making Palestine Great Again. Which is odd, given how….

Jesus was Jewish

J-sus. Source: The Guardian

Need we say more? Cucks always bow down to the Jews, even against the wishes of THEIR people.

Jesus started as a Jew who observed Judaism vigorously, but then went on to become one of those self-hating intelligentsia Jews who loved to mock the traditional way of life. If Jesus were alive today, he would be lobbying Congress to force people to say “Happy Holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas,” controlling American culture through finance and the media, and just generally preventing America from becoming great again. Just like most American Jews, he’d probably speak out against Benjamin Netanyahu, the nationalist Jew that many in the alt-right have a deep respect for. Tré cuck!

Jesus was one of these. ? Source: IMDB

And yet, this is not even the most egregious example of his cuckery. THIS IS:

Cleansing of the Temple

Anti-semitism? Anti-Israel? It cannot be denied that the violent assault on the so-called “money changers” is anything but an anti-Semitic attack. Families just trying to make a living providing the supplies needed to make sacrifices or donations to the temple were violently accosted by what can only be described as an anti-Jewish zealot!

The attack on the money changers bears the hallmarks of “violent thugs” like antifa and BLM, who love to disrupt events of pure Americana and take what is others’ as if it is theirs. These people like to “take back” such spaces, as Jesus did in this temple. They disrupt the American way of life all because they get triggered easily. And then cucks like Mitt Romney call such people “peaceful.” Given this episode, we are certain Jesus would’ve said the same thing, because Jesus was a triggered snowflake of a “man.”

Those money changers had the right to do what they were doing. They were providing a needed service to people that weren’t able to pick up a chicken or goat on the way to the temple! Capitalism at its finest! If you need more evidence of anti-Semitism, look no further than the Catholic “Good Friday Prayer”, which until 1960 started like this:

“Let us pray also for the faithless Jews: that almighty God may remove the veil from their hearts; so that they too may acknowledge Jesus Christ our Lord.”

He further displayed his Jew hate by actually pointing out two Jewish sects that he hated the most! Throughout the Bible, the Sadducees and Pharisees are the constant target of vile rebukes that are nothing but the foundation of the anti-Semitism that we see today. If it weren’t for the endorsement of Jew hate by the founder of the Catholic Church, who knows how much more peaceful our world would be today!

Very fine people on both sides. Source: One Can Happen

You may wonder, doesn’t the alt-right hate Jews? So therefore, an attack on Jews by anyone would be a good thing in their eyes? While that may be true, it is missing a point that makes the ways of Jesus incompatible with alt-right philosophy. Jesus was practicing self-hatred. He was not expressing pride in his race; he was going out of his way to shame it and degrade it. His actions did not secure the existence of his people or a future for his people’s children; he was jeopardizing it. Therefore, Jesus was the ultimate race traitor. He is the ultimate cuck!

Jesus sells out white people harder than Antifa. Source: Pintrest

We hope you enjoyed how we laid our truth bombs and replenished our supply of white tears! Pure, Aryan, blonde, blue-eyed, white tears. ?✊

If you haven’t already, please read our older articles to awaken your mind to more ways to fight injustice. We come out with new articles regularly, so stay tuned, because the outrage never stops!

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