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Hate Flyers Found At American University Highlight Alt-Right Presence in Washington, DC

Photo by Joe Palekas. (Source)

Nearly a dozen racist flyers were reportedly posted throughout American University’s campus yesterday evening, a jarring reminder of the alt-right’s infiltration of university campuses in Washington, DC. GeoMovements has also uncovered a potential lead that may be useful for local authorities (provided towards the end of the article).

The suspect behind the September 26 incident at American University. (Source)

In the evening hours of September 26, ten flyers each with an image of the Confederate flag were pasted on bulletin boards across American University, according to The Blackprint AU. College students were the first to discover the posters, which were reportedly placed soon after Dr. Ibram X. Kendi presented his vision for AU’s new Antiracist and Research Policy Center.

Many of the flyers were positioned close to images of people of color and had cotton plants attached to them.

At about 10:35pm, Joe Palekas, a senior at AU, and his classmates found one of the fliers on a bulletin board for the Center for Israel Studies after they left Dr. Kendi’s History of Racism class, according to The Eagle Online.

Photo by Max Spivak. The logo strongly resembles the logo of Milice, a WW2-era French paramilitary group charged with combating the country’s resistance forces. (Source)

“To come out immediately following a seminar discussing racism and its historical effects that last into today, it was a very surreal moment. All of us were speechless,” testified Palekas.

Another senior, Max Spivak,discovered the phrase “D.C. Counter Resistance” and a distinct logo on the back of the flyers. This is important and we will return to this later in the article.

AU’s Department of Public Safety has released several images and surveillance videos of the prime suspect behind the incident. You can read the official crime alert here.

The disturbing incident is the latest indication that white supremacist organizations may be gaining power in the Capital. And although it has shocked AU students, the episode is not surprising given the school’s history.

In September 2016, two AU students reportedly threw bananas at Black American female students in Anderson Hall. And in May of this year, multiple bananas were found hanging from small nooses on the first day of Taylor Dumpson’s student government presidency. Unsurprisingly, Dumpson is AU’s first female Black student president.

Research conducted by GeoMovements has also found that a Twitter account with the handle @whitebloc18 and the name “D.C. Counter Resistance,” bears the same logo found on the back of the flyers posted on AU’s campus.

A screenshot of @whitebloc18's Twitter profile.

The phrase and logo was also seen on hateful flyers put up in August in Ward 4, according to a DCist report.


In addition, the aforementioned Twitter account follows and has retweeted prominent alt-right entities, some of them located in the Washington, D.C. area.

On April 10, 2017, AltRight of Maryland retweeted four images of Identity Evropa (IE) flyers positioned on the University of Maryland campus. And on March 12, IE also posted on the Georgetown University campus. Both tweets were shared by @whitebloc18.

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RT @IdentityEvropa: University of Maryland #ProjectSiege https://t.co/Dh5OjwW8Xu @helpsavemd

 — @MdAltRight

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And a quick scroll through @whitebloc18’s Following list reveals that the account holder is subscribed to local alt-right profiles such as @AltRightDC, @AltRightVa, and @Vanguard_VA.

The account has also called for local like-minded people to send him a direct message for “IRL (in real life) action.”


This could mean two things:

  1. If @whitebloc18 is the prime suspect in the recent AU incident, he may be working with others he recruited on Twitter. Furthermore, this may indicate “D.C. Counter Resistance” is indeed an organization and could stage more operations in the future.
  2. Since @whitebloc18’s call-to-action tweets have not garnered a lot of retweets, likes, or replies, this may mean that the account holder is more of a “lone wolf.”

But one thing’s for sure: American University and the DC authorities are not doing enough to protect AU students. They must act — and quickly. Or their inability to deter racist elements may inadvertently invite even more powerful hate entities to infiltrate the campus.

Hate Flyers Found At American University Highlight Alt-Right Presence in Washington, DC was originally published in GeoMovements on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.
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