People are a Pet Peeve of their Own

I am not lying to you when I say that I am not a fan of the everyday person. From the incessant and irritating noises to the at times unwanted conversation, people can just be terrible. Now I’m not trying to take anything away from the sweet old grandma who just sits on the bench and minds her own business, because everybody can agree that there’s nothing wrong with grandma. This message is directed more to the unwanted “friend” or person who sits near you and does everything you hate, no matter what it is.

More often than not, this such person begins with the typical annoying “tap” or “hum” noise that will, after time, turn into the early stages of a Category 4 headache. If your like me, your not tolerating this nonsense from the beginning so you politely ask them to “knock it the hell off”. Hastily, they will apologize for their offense, just to begin the same routine 3 minutes later. Unfortunately, this is only stage 1.

Stage 2 normally begins with a more deliberate attempt at human interaction. A “polite” hello or how’s your day going turns into a full blown BS conversation. Many people will just sit their and take it, using the “Fake it to Make it” technique and faking a conversation until it is almost painful to listen to. I on the other hand don’t have time to screw around. I’ll either avoid the situation completely and walk away, or if I’m feeling extra jerky, I’ll just turn to the offender with a smile on my face and tell them to shut up.

By now, I’m getting ticked and we are moving on to the 3rd and final stage of the pet peeve cycle. This stage includes the introduction of tag-along activists and hopeful interaction. As you and your group of designated friends leave to go to activity, you may notice a few people walking a few hundred feet behind the main group. Contrary to popular belief, this is not a coincidence. At this point, the only option to is fully address the situation. My option of choice is a friendly but firm “Hey, what are you doing here”. Unfortunately, using this option brings you back to another round of Stage 2, unwanted conversation. The safest option is to do your best to ignore the problem and try to enjoy your time anyway.

Now I’m not telling you this to go out and be mean to everybody. In the beginning, I attempted to set some boundaries and ground rules for these such people. After a while, these were completely ignored and the pet peeve narrative for these people was born.

So am I considered a mean person? Potentially. Do I care? Potentially. Am I gonna change anything? Potentially

Who am I kidding? People are people. We all label people before we file them away in our mental filing cabinets. The labels for my people just happen to all have Pet Peeve in the subtitle.

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