Labour conference 2017: Tuesday fringe guide

UK party conferences are not really about the speeches in the main conference halls. The most interesting action happens on the fringes — those smaller events where MPs pop up in a relaxed environment to speak their minds. Here are some recommendations for where to go while you’re in sunny Brighton (only including those with confirmed speaker).

Repowering Britain: who owns the energy future?
When: 9:15am
Where: Buddies cafe bar
Why: Clive Lewis and Rebecca Long-Bailey are speaking about Labour and energy, probably the nationalisation of it .

Who Runs Britain: the Many or the Few? How the Elite Continue to Rule Britain in Their Own Interests
When: 11:00am
Where: Fabrica (part of Momentum’s The World Transformed festival)
Why: Laura Pidcock, the new Corbynite MP who doesn’t speak to Tories, is speaking along with Jon Trickett, another close comrade of the Labour leader. This goes to the heart of what Corbynism is about.

In conversation with Kezia Dugdale
When: 12:30pm
Where: Viscount room at the Hilton Metropole hotel
Why: The outgoing Scottish Labour leader may offer some insight in her decision to resign and discuss the party’s challenges north of the border.

Brexit and the City: how would Labour help support financial services as we exit the EU
When: 12:45pm
Where: Main Hall at the Friends’ Meeting House
Why: Labour’s City spokesman Jonathan Reynolds is speaking on how Brexit will affect a core part of the UK’s economy. It’s a tricky topic for the party.

A fairer society for all: achieving everyday equality for disabled people
When: 1:00pm
Where: Lancing 1 room at the Holiday Inn
Why: Debbie Abrahams, the shadow work and pensions secretary, will be speaking on benefits — watch out for what she says on universal credit.

Justice in the modern age
When: 1:00pm
Where: Boardroom at the Old Ship hotel
Why: Shami Chakrabarti, the shadow attorney general is speaking alongside Richard Burgon, the shadow justice secretary, are both speaking. If you’re into law, this is one for you.

The End of Neoliberalism?
When: 3:00pm
Where: Komedia studio (part of Momentum’s The World Transformed festival)
Why: Paul Mason and Clive Lewis will be chatting about the cracking consensus. You can hardly keep these two apart at this conference.

No is Not Enough: Visions for a New World
When: 5:30pm
Where: Komedia main space (part of Momentum’s The World Transformed festival)
Why: Jeremy Corbyn, Diane Abbott and Naomi Klein are speaking about the critical threats to our times.

Labour’s Brexit plan: in conversation with Sir Keir Starmer
When: 5:30pm
Where: Ambassador room at the Hilton Metropole hotel
Why: If you haven’t had enough of Brexit at this conference, Labour’s Brexit spokesman should be able to help.

Labour Business fringe reception
When: 6:00pm
Where: Hall 7 aka Avon at the Hilton Metropole hotel
Why: Lots of notable MPs speaking: John McDonnell, Rebecca Long-Bailey and Stephen Kinnock.

Labour — government in waiting
When: 6:30pm
Where: Edinburgh room at the Hilton Metropole hotel
Why: John McDonnell is speaking at this event hosted by the Labour Representation Committee, along with Chris Williamson. A Corbynista hotbed of activity.

Party Politics: The World Transformed Pub Quiz
When: 8:00pm
Where: Komedia main space (part of Momentum’s The World Transformed festival)
Why: Ed Miliband is hosting — enough said.

Daily Mirror and Sunday Mirror annual party
When: 8:30pm
Where: Revolution bar
Why: Labour conference always ends on a bang with the Mirror’s traditional rave. NB: invite only.

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