Joe Zorilla at Galerie Greta Meert, Brussels

Galerie Greta Meert is showcasing the works of Joe Zorilla. This marks the artist’s first ever solo exhibition in Europe.Born.1982, the Los Angeles based artist likes to experiment with objects and structures. The center of the exhibit is placed with a sequence of ceramics made in Guadalajara, Mexico, which has a triangular tube turning itself inside out, illustrating the main highlight of the event. The viewer sees this ongoing motion of the tube trapped into eight different stages, altering the highest points of the the triangular form in succession while still remaining strong. The form is restricted from escaping the underlying structure in any way.The substance used to build this geometric form is lucid and curvaceous and remains in swift motion even during the intersital moments. The attempt of the series is to document motion in the best possible way as done previoulsy by Eadweard Muybridge in his animal locomotion experiments. This particular work stands the test of experimentation and observation and emerges triumphant. In the exhibit Zorilla also presents his latest photographic and sculptural works. Just as in ceramics the contention is to study the existential aspects of the body, the organic, raw and fleshly condition that consumes the viewer’s imagination and leaves more for guessing. The works have that “being beside of” thought associated with them and seem to hae their roots in Jean-Luc Nancy’s philosophy that he calls a list of gleanings that appear in random order and juxtapose things without a certain clarity, a sort of mix that would neither explode nor implode, is vaguely arranged and always capable of expanding.

The exhibition will on view through November 4, 2017 at Galerie Greta Meert,13 Rue du Canal 1000 Brussels

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Click on the slideshow for a sneak peek at the exhibition.

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