32 important lessons I’ve learnt after writing non-stop for the past month.

The good, the bad and the funny.

Life is really funny at times. Contemplating about the past makes us wiser they say. 12,000+ views later and bestowed with the virtual wisdom of being a Top Writer in 7 categories, I’m wondering what all of this is really about.

The past month, my email inbox was exploding mainly courtesy of Medium. I used to receive email mainly in the form of Facebook notifications, then Medium decided to join the party.

So what did I learn from this quite amazing experience that many a Medium writer would literally die for?

  1. It’s definitely not worth dying for.
  2. This is by no means sustainable. Even for the Terminator.
  3. I don’t feel monogamous anymore. Facebook and Medium made two.
  4. It’s all just a number. 12,000 will soon become 24,000. What’s next? The Asylum?
  5. I’m stuck with Medium now. I’ve forcefully been made (against my free will I must add) to stand my proverbial ground and protect my proverbial ship. I can’t give up being a Top Writer. Not just yet.
  6. I’m slowly going mad.
  7. Which means I might need to meet up with a Psychiatrist pretty soon.
  8. Being handpicked by Medium made me feel special. For 2 days. That’s it.
  9. I check my Medium notifications more often now.
  10. Psychosis, psychosis, psychosis.
  11. I finally feel like I’m a Born Creative! After all those years writing with a pen on paper, I finally feel accomplished! Wish I realised this back then. Could’ve saved me years of depression.
  12. Claps made this possible.
  13. Hearts sucked. Not the real ones. I’m talking about the dead Medium hearts.
  14. Preacher Lawson is really funny with his Clapping joke. 14 claps per second! Man. Medium should learn more from Preacher.
  15. When you clap your heart out for others, the claps have a funny way of coming back to you.
  16. Being a Top Writer in Psychology is great, but who’ll be my psychologist now? I ain’t paying a $100 per hour for someone who’s worse at it than me!
  17. No claps can replace being your own biggest fan.
  18. Clickbait titles are fun to write.
  19. I don’t feel inspired even though Medium thinks I always am.
  20. The Writing Cooperative has become my second home away from home.
  21. I am still notoriously unhealthy.
  22. I’ve forgotten why I started writing in the first place. A kind man made me realise this today. If he’s reading this, he’ll know his done his job.
  23. My friends still love my advice. Top Writer or not.
  24. There’s absolutely no substitute to writing with pen and paper.
  25. You are your own Success Meter.
  26. There are many people out there who wouldn’t mind shitting on your success story. Then they’d take a piss on it too. Cherry on top! These people are your constant reminder — never to give up no matter what.
  27. Then there are others who try and bring some perspective into your out-of-control life, by shedding light on the true priority of your life as a writer, which is to be happy inside.
  28. You then start writing again once you’ve figured this out. Not for the endless views, but for the endless personal satisfaction it brings to you as an artist.
  29. All of this really happened to me. (Pun intended. Believe me, at least because I’m Top Writer in “This happened to me”.)
  30. None of this really matters in the end. We’re all headed to the same dirty grave. Benjamin P. and me. The Top writer and the newcomer.
  31. Never believe titles. I know I said “32 important lessons”. But I just decided to stop writing for the day. Something I couldn’t quite do this past month.

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