An average working human spends more than 8 hours at his/her work place. Work place can be treated as second family for all who work in various sectors. One should note that the line of job an individual chooses, becomes an important aspect and its directly proportional to their personal life!. It is so said that a person should never carry his work stress to his home and vice versa, which is again quiet not possible for most of the employees. Colleagues are to be treated as colleagues at the end of the day and they cannot become your family!. Everybody has stress at their respective work place, but that doesn’t mean you take your stress with you wherever you go. Most of the things are quiet not possible without politics. Yes, when I say politics I want to link it with work place and that’s where Win win situation at work place falls back. Politics is everywhere. Let me now list down some issues at work place.

1. Your immediate boss will be so insecure that he/she will start targeting you unnecessarily.

2. Your own colleagues will back stab you at your work place.

3. You do the job and someone else will take that credit which will make you feel demotivated.

4. Rules come up in a haphazard manner prior to your knowledge which will make you feel uncomfortable.

5. You work really hard and there will not be any monetary benefit for such work and that will also be eaten up by other authorities.

Considering the above points as well as many other points, one should be careful in handling situations like this and also he/she should make sure not to take this personally and spoil their personal life!…

About achieving win win situation at work place I will be publishing it soon 🙂 Ciao.

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