The Tories are to blame for Brexit, not Corbyn.

As Corbyns rise in the polls continues, he is being scrutinise more and receiving more off the same abuse he gets from the same old toxic newspapers and media outlets (Daily Mail and the Sun). More and more media outlets have for a while been criticising him about what they descibe as a lack of passion to support the Remain side in the EU referendum.

But don’t get me wrong, I do believe that he could of campaigned more passionately and spread that message through his party andd constituency. Although, when I heard all the critisim about how Corbyn rated the EU out of ten. He came out and said that he rated the EU “seven, or seven and a half” out of 10. He then went to say we wanted to remain part of a reform Europe with better “social cohesion” and “human rights”. Now firstly I quite happy that a politician came out and said they truth about what he beleives. While on the other side of the argument you had babbling idiots like Farage and Boris Johnson, making figures up and scaremongering over immigration. Also he’s right, the EU has its flaw with bigger and stronger states like France being able to enforce austerity driven programmes like smaller countries like Greece. Even some journalists and political commentators who have for long been very Euro-sceptic supported the ‘Remain and Reform’ campaigns. These included journalists like Owen Jones and Paul Mason and the former Greek finance minister Yanis Farovakis.

“seven, or seven and a half” — How the Labour leader rated the EU out of ten, 2016

Although if we looked at how the lives of people in the UK changed since 2010 leading up to referendum, you would see who the real culprits are. Due to a fincancial crash of 2007–08, where millions of bankers benefitted. Working people had to suffer one of the most severe and inhumane programmes of Austerity ever seen. The Tories (a party funded by bankers) while people were seeing cuts to public services like Health and Education, gave bonuses worth up to 40 billion a year to bankers and gave tax cuts to massive wealthy firms. At the same time the Tories and there friends, (the rich media barons) were blaming Labour for all the problems, caused reallyuby there greedy friends.

So when people saw that Prime Minster David Cameron and Chancellor George Osbourne, the two architects of austerity supporting the remain side, some may have had second thoughts about supporting remain. I mean why would people vote with a party that implemented scandalous cuts to Health, Education and support for the disabled ( which the UN called a “human catastrophe” ). As well as a party that invented the ‘infamous’ bedroom tax. Also Cameron called this at a time which was not in the best interest of the country, but was just to shut up the Euro-spectic side of the Tory party. People had been fed up by this and when they were finally given a voice to vote for change, why would they not take it. Also, many people in the General Election the year before. Many people thought that there was a lack of options who any parties that would offer proper change.

Yes, I know Corbyn could have done more. But I think it is wrong and ironic that these news outlets that critize Corbyn and call him un-patriotic are either paid by the tax-payer or don’t pay there taxes at all.( the Sun ). But the Tories programme of Austerity had driven the people to vote, and they voted for change, change based off a pack of lies.

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