On Dear White People: Episode 5.

The best line on TV in 2017.

In episode 5 of Dear White People, we see activist, Reggie Green, in the middle of a conflict involving the word “nigga.” While the dynamics of the situation are interesting enough. Rashid Bakr, in the middle of the conflict, says the most important line of the entire series, “this is what happens when a country refuses to address its history with slavery.

This line is important because it is the underlying issue between us. We are not comfortable discussing race and/or any questions that have to do with race. Because of this, we see “diversity” and the dramatic attention to words such as white supremacist. We are still haunted by the reality of race, but we know the details of the history — explicitly. The tragedy of America has been made public, but now we need solutions. That is more obvious than ever.

Having a president with no political experiences exemplifies America’s steady decline.

We have been watching this slippery slope happen right in front of us. We cheered on the scandals and America’s Big Brother antics. As they fed us with fun and games, literally, we began to predict our demise. We warned of a society controlled by a conglomerate of wealthy tyrants and a culture of group-think — and this is now.

But still, our time is now to organize. Because in our human nature we can never completely fold. We are built on a foundation of survival. Humans are strength, struggle, and survival personified. But, we are a dishonest people. We avoid our own truths and tell lies to others. Lying has allowed us to live past the trials and tribulations. But, lying has allowed us to delude how tremendous the truth is.

This is, indeed, what happens when a nation of people allow the truth to be unspoken. Until race, can be as casual as a conversation and can be spoken on by the people who deal with it day-by-day, then our history will continue to shape a story of decline.

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