Is Indian future in danger??

Is Indian future in danger??

You know what’s the basic parameter of a country’s growth??
That’s the Country’s standard of living is increasing which means the citizens of that country are able purchase luxury goods i.e. their income is high. Right? At Least that’s what they taught me in economics class.

As we know India’s major population base comprises of middle class people. Correct?
But what if that section of society is forced to cut down it’s living standard, forced to buy goods coz they r cheap as they can no longer afford the quality products. Now, imagine such a scenario unfolding at 10x speed in next 5 yrs. Do u still think India would move forward and develop with it’s potential??

Most of u won’t agree with me…now let’s see the facts: Taxes on income, taxes on goods we purchase, high petrol prices and the major attraction demonitisation fails and GST fails which adds up the cost. And we all are adults who are familiar with the market conditions and availability of jobs.

GST: Ask a middle class person if he wishes to dine out to celebrate would he? He would have to think abt it, as the taxes on restaurant are on the basis of luxury i.e. it has an A.C. or serves drink then ur bill gonna have taxes and service charges approx abt 40%. Woah we can’t even have a once a year family dinner in a fancy restaurant now. Yes, we middle class love eating at fancy restaurants.

M a girl n yes I have to pay tax on sanitary napkins coz hey personal hygiene is over-rated. Acc. to them sindoor is more important than a girl’s health, as u all know before GST there were 30-40% women who were not able to afford sanitary napkins but who cares ? Not my govt. for sure.

People do commute on daily basis because it’s a necessity but petrol prices do cut our pockets, but govt would say use public transport inform them metro prices, cab prices, autorickshaw prices were hiked too.

Yes I wear fancy sandals and shoes, just ask any sane person to get a pair of comfortable long lasting good looking shoes or sandals under INR500. Coz above INR500 is a luxury no more.
It’s a crime to wear good shoes and clothes cz hey u r a middle class u don’t deserve it.bie bie fashion.

But hey India is taking bold steps now that my country gonna have bullet trains.isn’t it fascinating that we r having trains whose tickets 80% population can’t afford instead of spending on trains which my country already has majorly used even after having so many accidents because hey they don’t need repair people die everyday. What’s new? I’ll tell u BULLET TRAINS and the LOAN.yayyy

Most of u must be thinking m ranting…m not it’s a start and it will spread because I can see a future which is declining n I can’t help it. I can see history is repeating itself.In the name of development we were once looted by EIC n now we r not even sure where our wealth is going?

So just tell me r we moving forward or backword??
Because acc. to me reduction in household income and declining jobs is not a good sign and it’s a start.

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