How Trump won 2020 in Alabama with a single speech.

Trump Hugs American Flag

Trump’s speech in Alabama was filled with typical Trump-ism. Bashing what he calls “the fake news”. Defending his wife’s choice of shoes leaving the White House. Calling the North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un his favorite new nick name “Rocket Man” but the speech was extra special…

No it wasn’t the endorsement of Luther Strange, a candidate many Trump supporters oppose in favor of Judge Roy Moore. This speech was so special because Trump, being the often bombastic, based, opinionated patriot he is, went off on the single greatest cultural bone of contention in American culture today. That being multi-million dollar pampered NFL players kneeling and sitting during the national anthem in protest.

Kappernick throwing up a black power fist.

This is significant for a number of reasons, but before I get into why this single moment won Trump the Presidency in 2020 let’s dabble into some basic sociology & political science.

The Fake News (Cable Network News) is an industry that is solely dependent on creating narratives, one could argue, this is what they do. There is no counter narrative in this medium. They tell the American people how they should react to certain issues. Many Americans generally accept what they are told through the “Fake News”.

There is an explanation as to why this happens deeply grounded in sociology. Basically it comes down to people being lazy and not wanting to be ridiculed for breaking with the status quo.

We have a device often used in political science called the “Overton Window”. The tl;dr of what this means, is there is a spectrum of left and right wing ideologies, the Overton Window defines what is the commonly accepted political opinion in a given window of time.

Example of Overton Window as it relates to this discussion.

So here is why this is important and why it all ties into the NFL. The NFL is part of mainstream network television. Same goes for the networks who carry and comment on NFL games. Not to mention ESPN & networks dedicated to sports news. They are completely in sync with a particular narrative. This narrative being that anthem protest should be encouraged & applauded.

What is not being taken into account by mainstream network television is this. The overwhelming silent majority of Americans have absolutely had it with cry baby, fucking, idiot, social justice warrior multi-millionaire athletes. The Overton Window, as I mentioned above is out of sync with the mainstream narrative. HOWEVER — the Overton Window is perfectly aligned with the comments Donald Trump made in Alabama on anthem protest.

People often say: “I like Donald Trump because he says what everyone is thinking”. This is because he is in sync with the Overton Window. Whether he knows it or not. He either understands political science on a deeply rudimentary level or he naturally understands where America is currently at.

By calling out anthem protesters and saying “Get that son of a bitch off the field! your fired!” Trump struck one of the most relateble tones and prolific cultural blunders of mainstream media in American society today.

Therefore Donald Trump proved he is still in touch with the American people, for this given window of time. He delivered a knock out blow to people who truly deserved to be kicked in their self righteous, social justice warrior jock straps! … and Americans are loving it.

Trump at Ohio Fair.

Oh and by the way, when I say Americans, I am not talking about the snobby medium bloggers or the verified liberal lynch mobs on Twitter, their the vocal minority of idiots.

I am talking about as Micheal Moore so eloquently once put the “Joe Shmoes & Joe Blows” of the world. The people who don’t even own a computer who work 12 hours a day to support their family.

These are the people who truly matter, and they are often forgot about by the cosmopolitan types in the coastal cities. These self righteous pricks, live in an echo chamber of mainstream Stephen Colbert talking points. For the record, I live in a coastal city, the fake news is brutal here.

Back to Trump. I am of the opinion that after Trump’s speech in Alabama, he won 2020. The statistics back me up too. A new poll came out today which show Trump’s approval rating is increasing (NY Post). Just as we had seen in the election, polling opinions on Trump is more unpredictable than when the next hurricane will strike.

What the fake news often doesn’t tell you, is early on Presidents typically go through spouts where their ratings go through a lull. This happened to Obama. Bush got lucky because early in his first term 9/11 happened (not that is something to call lucky). Bush’s approval rating, early on anyway, before the war in Iraq was sky high. It is well documented in political science, that the months following 9/11 was the most united the country has been since the moon landing.

Trump has this remarkable ability, to stay calm under fire & pull off wins at the last moment. We seen during his campaign moments where we though he didn’t have a chance one week, then turn around and gain enormous momentum weeks later.

Trump Rally

There is no doubt about it. Trump has his pulse on a part of America others in his position and in Washington DC don’t. This is why he won in 2016 & why Trump will win in 2020.

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