Artemisia at Albert Baronian Gallery, Brussels

Albert Baronian opens its new gallery season with “Artemisia,” a group exhibition converging the works of Marina Adams, Ilse D’Hollander, Amy Feldman, Fiona Mackay and Leen Voet.Artemisia Gentilesch, after whom the exhibition is named was an iconoclast of sorts; she was an Italian Baroque painter, who is today considered as one of the most revered painters of the generation that followed Caravaggio. Gentilesch flourished in an era when women painters were not so easily accepted either by society or by the patrons of art. She become the first woman to become a member of the prestigious Accademia di Arte del Disegno in Florence. The exhibition endeavours to highlight the contributuion of five female painters who have been subjectively chosen, based on matter of taste and without any intent of creating a link between their respective works. Each painting is given to one spectator at a time to cherish that unique experience. The paintings don’t exist for the sake of anyone but just for themselves. Every chosen artist has her own distinctive style that gives them their visual identity. The works attempt to generate their own perception of what can one assume of femininity through paintings without thinking specifically about it bearing that fact in mind. They very subtly forge this particular form of femininity in the foreground with the forms and hues, while others reveal it rather modestly through the eyes of the viewer. As the French saying goes- “La peinture est un mot féminin,” meaning painting itself is instinctiveley engaged by a female form. Some trivia about the artists. Marina Adams (b.1960 in Orange, NJ , USA) is a painter based in both New York City and Parma, Italy. Ilse d’Hollander (1968 – 1997, Belgium), who unexpectedly had a tragic death at the tender age of 29, lives on in our minds with an oeuvre that exhibits a highly developed sense of color, composition, scale and surface, through the use of subtle tones. Amy Feldman (b.1981) lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. Fiona Mackay (b. 1984 Aberdeen, Scotland) lives and works in Brussels, Belgium and Leen Voet (b. 1971,Belgium) lives and works in Brussels, Belgium. So, may one assume that when women paint, its pure “Artemisia” or are we just guessing. Check out for yourself.

The exhibition will be on view through October 28 2017, at Albert Baronian Gallery,Rue Isidore Verheyden 2,1050 Brussels, Belgium

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Click on the slideshow for a sneak peek at the exhibition.


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