‘Lake Valley’ by Rachel Rose at Gavin Brown’s Enterprise, New York

Gavin Brown’s Enterprise in New York screens Rachel Rose’s new animated film ‘Lake Valley’ from Tuesday through Saturday, 6 pm till 6 am.

The film has a unique and beautiful opening scene with a lonesome patch of a lush green wilderness being brewed amidst a sprawling suburb. It’s dreamlike scenery where the spectator is brought inside along with the insiders, into the family’s home at the very moment when the residents are stirred up. As the day begins, the father and the daughter are on the go to pursue their daily activities, but the pet is left behind at home, alone. The story arrives at its first heightening twist with the sudden return of the night. The pet is less than settled in the situation and the restless soul wanders away into the primordial forest in search of companionship.

The process of creating the video animation is also unique. Each of the frames are cut out and collaged from the industrial age children’s book illustrations. It’s an amalgamation of imagery layered over with cell animation. The texture of the video speaks of each of the elements origin as the boiled pasta becomes the hair and the eggshells become cobblestones. The setting of the suburban environment seeds a predicted alienation but it is excellently ruled out with the simple and ordinary activities by the pet. As the creature goes about searching for connection, looking out for association, its loneliness is compounded by the surroundings which are simultaneously alien yet familiar in nature. Altogether the animation creates the perfect vive of the ‘Lake Valley’ creating a wonderful dreamlike environment.

Rachel Rose (b. 1986) is among the most celebrated artist working with the animation and video platforms in contemporary times. Her works portray her vision to recode the very conditions of the video platform. Her films are unique employing different categories of video making colliding found and original together, crating poetic compositions. Her works explore the spaces between the real and the imaginary, the created and the captured, the interiors and the exteriors, the dead and the alive, put together in utmost balance. Her recent solo exhibition includes her representation in 57th Venice Biennale with the title of ‘Viva Arte Viva’, Venice; Kunsthaus Bregenz, Bregenz; Lake Valley, Pilar Corrias Gallery, London.

The exhibition is being showcased from September 15 through October 28 at Gavin Brown’s Enterprise, 429 W 127th Street, New York.

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Click on the slideshow for a sneak peek at the artworks.

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