Is Kim Jong Un Suicidal?

Well, that was the claim that the US president made on Tuesday, during his speech at the UN General Assembly. President Donald Trump referred to the North Korean dictator, as “a man on a suicide mission”. Furthermore, living up to the childish, playground and attention seeking behaviour we’ve seen from him in the past, he went on to refer to Kim Jong Un as “Rocket man”. Thereby taunting and mocking a madman who is quickly developing his nuclear arsenal, (Great Plan). And in response the North Korean leader met Trump’s amateur behaviour, with his own, by calling him a “dotard” (a person in a feeble or childish state due to old age).

So we’ve got two “leaders” with extremely sensitive egos (I’m guessing they didn’t get many hugs as kids) acting like children. All while carrying varying degrees of nuclear power.

Hence why everyone’s asking, what is the solution? What is the fix? One things for sure, we can’t ignore Kim Jong Un. Because just like children if you ignore them, when they're acting up, they’ll retreat to their room and quietly start doodling on your freshly painted white walls. In this case if we ignore the north Korean dictator, he will continue to build up and test his ballistic missiles. On the other hand if we engage this dictator in his ridiculous behaviour (the way trump is) then you end up encouraging him to carry out more tests, just to show the world his might. And the danger with that is that it only takes one miscalculation, one missile falling short and landing in Japan or South Korea and…(well you know how that ends). So no, I don’t think he is Suicidal. But what does worry me is his inherently reckless nature.

We can’t stop trump from engaging in inflammatory rhetoric which further emboldens Kim Jong Un. And although the likes of Rex Tillerson and General Kelly are incredibly competent, they are only as good as their commander in chief is willing to let them be. The fish rots from the head. And since no one in the house or senate (I’m looking at you Paul Ryan) is brave enough to stand up to Trump, he has the license to do and say whatever he wants.

Therefore the Fix here, is you America. You have the power to put people into congress that will hold the President’s feet to the fire. You can’t teach an old dog new trick but you can condition them to drop some bad habits.

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