Indiana Crossroads

Indiana Crossroads

I’m just back from a family trip in Northern Indiana, where I saw a disappointing number of Star and Bars along the way. In the nearly 30 years my husband and I have traveled Michigan Road/I-421 I’ve NEVER seen any Rebel flags along the road. 30 years, that’s a long time. Even in the 70s and 80s, where were NOT great times to be black in Indiana, I didn’t see these visible signs of hatred.

Regarding Heritage Not Hate: The election of that person has emboldened many people to proudly “fly their colors” and feel comfort where silent shame should have remained. As one of a few black people attending Plainfield Schools in the 70s and 80s, I knew there was much more behind the Rebel flag than pride for one’s ancestry.

If the goal was to terrorize a 7-year-old black girl, whites ONLY swimming pools, cross burnings, and racist graffiti did the deed. These, paired with the many angry parents I heard talking about “bussing” black kids from Indianapolis to our schools while I was in earshot, made an at times difficult childhood, frightening.

I’ve intentionally stayed off FB; avoiding possible negative comments about the last administration. Now, as things getting more ugly around me, I can't indulge my fear of confrontation with silence. My avoidance is quiet compliance.

10 minutes from our home, on 106th & Michigan Rd., we stopped at the Village Pantry to use the restroom. By the door,on a rack, VP was selling Stars and Bars bumper stickers. I might have expected to see this at a Mom and Pop gas station, further North, but THIS is my home! This is where we've raised our kids. This is where we're supposed to feel safe. has gone too far. It is not enough to sit quietly as people around you make racist, homophobic, and sexist comments. A person’s silence SCREAMS CONSENT; telling others “I feel exactly the way you do.”

It’s 2017, things SHOULD be better than they were in the 1980s! The line is Make America Great Again. Never in the history of America has it been a GREAT TIME to be brown, female, LGBTQ, or from another country and living in the United States. Make America Great Again??? Let’s Make America Great for Once!!!

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